Downton Abbey-style 10-bedroom Ribble Valley mega-mansion sells for £2.5m

The UK's most famous pub chain, Wetherspoons, is famous for taking old buildings - most of them historic and beautiful - and reviving them to great effect and re-purposing them as public houses. Now I don't want to overplay how large and wonderful this house is, but put it this way: I'd be shocked if Tim Martin didn't take a look at Bramley Meade Hall.
A stewardess stands alongside the Northern Belle.

Chef Matthew keeps luxury Carnforth train on right track

The kitchen is almost 60 years old and barely bigger than a cupboard but Carnforth-based Northern Belle, rated one of the most luxurious trains in the world, has still been given a Five Star rating by hygiene inspectors who 
described it as “excellent”.

From cha-cha to Latin tango, Dancers Preston are exponents of pretty much every kind of dancing known to feet. (credit: Dancers Preston)

Dancers Preston: Teaching the North West how to jive since 1979

Once a year, a cabal of burly rugby players from Preston Grasshoppers Rugby Football Club swap their scrum caps and gun shields for sequins and a flourish as they take part in a Strictly-style dance competition organised by Dancers Preston, one of the region’s top dance schools. The two sporting entities from either end of the spectrum of physical rough-and-tumble share a home, and the get-together is universally well-loved.

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