Chorley hairdresser offering £1 haircuts for burnt-out mums

This offer is for a limited time only but Nicole hopes to continue her community outreach even after it ends.

By Aimee Seddon
Wednesday, 22nd September 2021, 3:45 pm
Updated Friday, 24th September 2021, 12:39 pm

A hairdresser in Chorley is offering £1 haircuts to frazzled mums this month, as well as running a further charitable scheme at her salon throughout the year, as part of her mission to bring "charity back to Chorley".

Nicole Gorton, 37, who owns Eden Hair Salon on Anderton Street, was inspired by her £1 back-to-school haircuts scheme earlier this month, to also offer cheap cuts to mothers as well.

Nicole, a single mother of four, said: "It's aimed at mums who are burnt out, tired, and just in need of a blessing and a bit of comfort, because I witnessed throughout the £1 haircuts lots of tired mums, and I'm one msyelf at times, and I know from my own experience that you're no longer a priority because the kids obviously take priority instead, and when you're always so busy, you kind of forget about who you are, so I wanted to offer relief there as well, because it does make a big difference."

Nicole Gorton will be running the £1 mums offer for a month and will be taking part in a time credit scheme throughout the year.

Nicole is currently offering the bargain dry cuts to any mother who is interested, and people can book by contacting her on 07511018421 or by messaging Eden Hair Salon’s Facebook page.

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Chorley mum offering £1 back-to-school haircuts

However, when the £1 cuts for mums ends, Nicole will also be running a project through Chorley Council' s Tempo Time Credit scheme, which is where volunteers can offer their services for free, and in turn are rewarded in 'time credits' to spend themselves.

Nicole, who has owned Eden Hair Salon for four years, said: "I've learned from being a salon and just working for myself that I get really bored, because I have more passion for community outreach than I do for my own job so I know it's a big part of who I am and what I want my company to be about. I am slightly worried about losing control over my giving and not meeting my targets so that's why I've run it through the time credit scheme because it channels it.

Nicole has owned Eden Hair Salon in Chorley for four years.

"It's a really good scheme, where the currency isn't money, it's time, so it's aimed at people who don't always have much money. Someone gave me a bunch of credits once when I was struggling, and it blessed me so much, we went to Blackpool, to the sea life centre and up the tower, it was amazing!

"I'm also hoping to become an ambassador, as you can actually award time credits, say if a family was in need, so I really want this project to be ongoing, I want to provide a place of refuge or comfort for people who are struggling because I'm passionate about that area, and I know it will grow."

Nicole, who is also motivated by her christian faith, added: "When I offer these cheap cuts, people always say they feel bad paying so little, and it's because we're not used to being blessed in the way, and how sad is that? But I get such a joy from this community spirit, that the feeling is almost addictive!"

Tempo Time credits is a scheme that runs across the country, however Chorley Council partnered with Tempo Time credits nearly ten years ago, in a bid to bring the community together.

To find out more about how the time credit scheme works visit their general website, or you can get involved in the Chorley Council branch by clicking here.