Chorley mum offering £1 back-to-school haircuts

A hairdresser from Chorley has decided to help other struggling parents by providing generously cheap haircuts for children.

By Aimee Seddon
Friday, 27th August 2021, 4:55 am

A single mum of four from Chorley is offering £1 children’s haircuts to help parents with the cost of going back to school.

Hairdresser Nicole Garton, 37, who has children aged 12, 10, 7 and 1, said: “It’s always an anxious time for a mother or father because there’s just so much to pay out.

“What really imprinted on me to do this was, during the lockdown, Asda started doing meals for £1 for children and it blessed me, then last week I topped the kids uniform up at a swap shop in Market Walk, and that blessed me again.

Nicole Gorton says she is helping other parents because “I know that strain of having to meet all your children’s needs."

“So the other day I just woke up with it on my heart, and I thought well I’ll just do this and help a few people out, because I’ve been blessed, I’ve been in that desperate place, and I want to give that relief to other people because it really makes a massive difference.”

The offer is available for girls of all ages, including nursery school and secondary school age, at Eden Hair Salon on Anderson Street in Chorley, which Nicole has owned for the last four years.

Although the service is currently only for girl’s haircuts, Nicole is planning to train as a barber as well so that she can extend the offer to boys.

Nicole, who also cites her christian faith as a motivating factor for the scheme, says she was surprised at how much response she has gotten since posting on Facebook Sunday night.

Nicole owns Eden Hair Salon in Chorley Town Centre.

She added: “Seeing the relief it brings to people, and the happiness of the kids having their haircut- that’s my payment. I get a lot of joy from it because I know that they’re getting the relief. I like community work, and I’m definitely going to be doing other schemes because of how much interest I’ve had, and how much encouragement - I can see I’m making a difference."

To book an appointment, contact Nicole on 07511018421 or message Eden Hair Salon’s Facebook page.

Nicole is offering dry cuts only so asks parents to wash and brush their child's hair before coming to the salon.