Magpies in talks with council over club's long-term future

The board of directors of Chorley Football Club have held positive talks with the council over the club's long-term future
Ken WrightKen Wright
Ken Wright

Magpies chairman Ken Wright announced that he and the board had been in discussions with Chorley Borough Council, which owns Victory Park.

The council acquired the club's ground earlier this year, while Wright and fellow board member Graham Watkinson took ownership of the club's shareholding.

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The move signalled the end of Preston North End owner Trevor Hemmings’ interest in the club.

He had previously owned the club and its Victory Park ground since the early 1990s.

Wright, who has been chairman of the club since 2003, is keen to develop a long-term plan to improve the near-century-old Victory Park, which despite its charm could do with updating and improving.

And Wright revealed he and his fellow board of directors have had positive talks with the council with regards to the club's long-term future.

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A medium term plan has been formulated which will allow the club to continue with its current level of progress, while exploring all the options to develop a long term sustainable future for the club

"While there is still a lot of detail to discuss I am delighted with the outcome as both the board of directors and the council leaders have committed to the long term future of the club," Wright said.

"We have put together a time frame to have a lease in place by the end of the year which will allow us to maintain the facilities in line with our ambitions for the club."