Christmas decorations 2021: ornaments for your home from Gisela Graham and Lidl, and best fairy lights

Christmas decorations from Gisela Graham and Lidl, along with Christmas lights Christmas decorations from Gisela Graham and Lidl, along with Christmas lights
Christmas decorations from Gisela Graham and Lidl, along with Christmas lights | Shutterstock

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Christmas Day is fast approaching, and that means soon it will be time for all of us to decorate our home for the festive season

Whether you’re already itching to get out the tinsel or you wait until at least the first day of December before the fairy lights are put up, it’s never too early to start buying your Christmas ornaments to ensure you get the ones you want.

One of the most popular ornament brands year after year is Gisela Graham - and many of us are likely to already have one of their decorations adorning our trees as they are sold at various retailers.

Below are our top picks of Gisela Graham ornaments you could add to your tree this year: it’s lovely to treat yourself to at least one new one each year. These are the kind of high quality items you’ll want to treasure year after year.

Budget decorations are also growing in popularity each year, as many of us choose to change our decorations each year and pick a different theme.

With that in mind, discount supermarket Lidl has launched some decorations of their own which you can snap up for just a few pennies. They are durable enough to last year after year if you want them too as well.

Once you’ve chosen your baubles for your Christmas tree, what festive display would be complete without lights? Available in white light and coloured light, we’ve rounded up the best fairy lights for your indoor and outdoor decorating below too.

If you need a tree before you can start decorating then we’ve got you covered. Here is our list of the best artificial Christmas trees, including where to buy so you can have a new stunning tree just waiting to be decorated in no time at all.

For even more inspiration, take a look at our guide to even more of the top Christmas decorations and lights for your home.


The Nutcracker is one of the most well-loved Christmas stories, and so it’s no wonder that tree decorations inspired by the tale continue to be popular year after year.

It tells the tale of Clara begins, who begins a magical journey into a wondrous world of toys, fairies and animals at midnight on Christmas Eve.

This is a pack of two beautiful ballerinas, both with colourful tutus embellished with sparkly glitter and sequins.


These 12 decorations are perfect for hanging around the top of the tree to draw the eye.

They have been created in a vintage glass style which was first popular in the 1840s, when baubles were first created.

Since then, however, glass baubles have found their way in to Brits homes year after year - and the designs keep getting better.

This set includes a snowman, Santa, toy train and a soldier, to name but a few.


There’s lots of detail and beautiful colour in this dormouse decoration.

Animals often feature in Christmas decorations because so many of our beloved tales centre around our friends from wildlife.

This one has been created in honour of the smallest guest at the Mad Hatter’s tea party, in the world of Alice and Wonderland.

It’s finished off with a generous sprinkling of glitter because, well, Christmas means glitter.


This set features a squirrel, a rabbit, a bird and an owl. They all have a festive wreath around their neck, adorned with glittery berries and even snow.

You could place these woodland creatures together or have them on different sides of your tree.

They are super cute and because the colouring is neutral they will compliment any tree, no matter what your Christmas tree theme.


This is a prettily decorated resin rocking horse with a teddies riding on its back.

A lot of us played on rocking horses when we were little, so it’s no surprise that this is also a popular theme for Christmas decorations.

This one will enchant children and adults alike with its glitter and intricate detail.


This is a beautiful, colourful decoration with a lovely bit of sparkle.

Rainbows have been a symbol of happiness and hope during the pandemic, so it seems fitting that this bauble has been created.

Place it on your Christmas tree to bring about joy this festive season.


These super cute gingerbread decorations come as pack of three.

They all feature sweet little details which make them look just as good as their edible counterparts - there’s a bow tie, button detail and ‘icing’ detail - all finished with seasonal glitter, of course.

They look so good we can almost smell the festive scent of gingerbread.


This gorgeous robin has with a holly wreath around his neck and a gold, glittering, diamante crown perched between his ears.

Robins are often associated with Christmas, but some believe they are also a symbol of lost loved ones returning.

As well as being a beautiful ornament, this could therefore be a lovely gift for someone who has lost someone this year to show them their memory will be remembered.


Decorate your Christmas tree with your favourite memories with these personalised baubles.

Each bauble holds 2 photos, one at the front and one at the back, so you can actually pick 8 of your best photos to include and the tree will look different depending on which way the bauble sits.

The baubles have a practical cap closure so you can easily change the photos each year, or all throughout the festive season, and the picture insert doubles as a cutting template so you know you’re going to cut your photos to the right size with no faff.


This giant bauble will really light up your festive display this Christmas.

It features 3 long-life and energy-saving LEDs with warm white light, so it will give off a calming seasonal glow.

It can be switched on and off manually, but also has a 6-hour timer with automatic daily repetition so you can simply switch on at your desired time and start the timer.

The height of this decoration is 23cm and it’s battery operated. Batteries included.


These lights can be used outdoors, but also indoors - depending on the space you have available.

You can choose from three light combinations, all which have white warm light;

  • Sleigh: W25 x H33 x D60cm, 120 energy-saving, long-life LEDs
  • Reindeer: W60 x H63 x D29cm, 144 energy-saving, long-life LEDs
  • Reindeer and Sleigh: W23 x H39 x D86cm, 144 energy-saving, long-life LEDs

There’s a 6-hour timer with automatic daily repetition so you can set the lights to brighten up your home and garden when darkness falls.


Tinsel is one of those products which is synonymous with Christmas.

Whether you put it on the tree, or round your photos, mirrors, or TV, or round the stair banister, some sparkly tinsel like this really finishes your festive look.

Available in a range of colours.


This is an impressive pack of 10 decorative 3D star lights with long-life LEDs, and are available in red or classic white light.

They can be used indoors or outdoors so the possibilities of where to put these are endless. They could be round the window frame - both inside and outside - or could be around the tree.

These also have a 6-hour timer with automatic daily repetition, so you can control what time they come on and turn off.

The total length is 16.75m, of which 10m is power cable.


These lights come in three colour choices; warm white, cool white and multicoloured.

They can be used indoors and outdoors, and there’s 8 dimmable light settings including continuous light which means you can control exactly how and when your lights show.

There’s a remote control for the timer and lighting effects too to make that even easier. Battery included.

The total length is 14m, of which 10m is power cable.


These are extra long fairy lights, perfect for a tall tree or particularly large spaces.

These warm white lights have 8 lighting effects: 4 flashing effects, 2 dimming effects, a mixed effect and a continuous light.

The best thing is they are also energy saving and have a 6-hour timer with automatic daily repetition so you can control exactly when they are turned on and off.

Total length is 35m, of which 5m is power cable.