Lib Dems select their candidate for Chorley ahead of the next general election

The Liberal Democrats have selected their Prospective Parliamentary Candidate (PCC) for Chorley ahead of the next general election.

By Tom Earnshaw, Reporter
Monday, 26th August 2019, 11:23 am
Updated Monday, 26th August 2019, 12:23 pm
Chorley Lib Dems general election candidate, Paul Valentine
Chorley Lib Dems general election candidate, Paul Valentine

Paul Valentine was chose as the party's PCC at a meeting on Tuesday, August 20, following a hustings meeting, held at the Galloways Centre in Farrington Street, Chorley.

Around 80 local members were eligible to vote on the evening.

Paul said: "I am honoured to be selected by the Chorley Lib Dems to be their PPC. I’m proud to be representing a growing local party, with more members joining us each month.

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Chorley Lib Dems general election candidate, Paul Valentine

"All over the country the Liberal Democrats are building support, leading the case for remaining in the EU.

"In Chorley, recent elections have demonstrated that the Lib Dems are the strongest voice for this and I want to be a fulcrum for ‘Remainers’ to coalesce around.

"With political uncertainty and an unstable Government, a General Election is surely imminent. Both the Conservatives and Labour are beset by infighting, headed by divisive figures, only seeking to appease the more extreme sections of their parties.

"The Lib Dems have a forward-thinking, outward-looking vision for Chorley and Britain. We’re appealing to the mainstream, who represent the majority of Britain being left behind by the traditionally larger parties."

While no indication has been given by Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Government as to when the next general election will take place, Welsh MP David Davies has predicted "an election being called before the end of September".

Johnson has said he does not want to hold a general election before the Brexit deadline on 31 October.

Paul added: "Recently, European Election votes in Chorley Borough placed the Lib Dems ahead of the Conservatives and a few hundred votes behind Labour. This proves that voters are willing to abandon traditional party lines when they believe their vote will make a difference.

"Brexit has the capacity to cause so much unnecessary damage throughout the Chorley constituency. But it is a distraction from the bread-and-butter issues affecting residents in Chorley neighbourhoods and villages.

"Chorley and South Ribble Hospital has clearly been under supported by the Government at a time of rising mental health concerns and inadequate social care provision.

"Other local hospitals such as Preston and Bolton are similarly under resourced and cannot readily absorb the demand.

"Meanwhile, our schools are being starved of adequate cash and resources. There remain pressures on local services, our police and demand for housing. Our parks and green spaces need adequate investment to improve public health. Residents across Chorley are feeling the pinch too.

"We cannot fund these things by offering tax cuts to big businesses and high earners and as a country we will take a massive hit to our economy by leaving the EU. The Conservatives and Labour are sacrificing Chorley’s stability for short-term populism.

"If elected, I would be a vocal MP who would speak up for residents and put Chorley’s needs first. Put simply, Chorley deserves better."