LATEST RESULTS: Ribble Valley local elections 2019

The people of the Ribble Valley have had their say.The people of the Ribble Valley have had their say.
The people of the Ribble Valley have had their say.
Here are the latest results from the elections for Ribble Valley Borough Council. Candidates in bold have won their seat.

Alston and Hothersall:

Judith Anne Clark (Con)

Maria Goretti Gee (Lab)

Stephanie Susan Lomas (Lab)

Jim Rogerson (Con)

Turnout - 27.20%

Billington and Langho:

Tony Austin (Con)

Ruth Margaret Baxter (Con)

Maya Anneke Elsie Dibley (Lab)

Anne Maxine Taylor (Lab)

Turnout - 32.56%

Brockhall and Dinckley:

Stephen Alexis Atkinson (Con)

Gerald Livsey Davies (Lab)

Turnout - 30.46%


Gaye Tomasine McCrum (Green)

Gary Kenneth Scott (Con)

Clayton-le-Dale and Salesbury

Louise Edge (Con)

Philip William Gedling (Lab)

Turnout - 38.30%

Clayton-le-Dale and Salesbury

Louise Edge (Con)

Philip William Gedling (Lab)

Turnout - 36.51%

Derby and Thornley:

Stuart Walter Allan Carefoot (Con)

Bryan Dalgleish-Warburton (Lab)

Jonathan Irwin (Lab)

Sarah Rainford (Con)

Turnout - 30.69%


Harold Gee (Lab)

Brian Joseph Holden (Con)

Angeline Humphreys (Con)

Nicholas Stubbs (Lab)

Turnout - 31.31%

East Whalley, Read and Simonstone:

Richard John Bennett (Con)

Michael St John Graveston (Lab)

Christopher Joseph O’Connor (Lab)

David Alan Peat (Con)

Turnout - 34.07%

Edisford and Low Moor:

Maria Berryman (Con)

Peter Byrne (Con)

Maureen Anne Fenton (Lab)

Simon Michael O’Rourke (Lib Dem)

Terry Richardson (Lab)

Jennifer Sian Schumann (Lib Dem)

Turnout - 33.69%

Gisburn and Rimington:

Richard Else Sherras (Con)

David Anthony Waters (Lab)

Turnout - 35.85%

Hurst Green and Whitewell:

Jan Alcock (Con)

Tony Halliwell (Lib Dem)

Andrew Niall MacFarlane (Lab)

Turnout - 39.31%


Katei Blezard (Con)

Giles Bridge (Lab)

Mark Richard French (Lib Dem)

Sue Knox (Lib Dem)

Lisa Ann Quinn-Jones (Con)

Sue Riley (Lab)

Turnout - 34.97%


Stephen Paul Adnitt (Lib Dem)

Stella Maria Brunskill (Con)

Sheelagh Rose Donnelly (Lab)

John Lawrence Hymas (Lib Dem)

Dani Murtagh (Lab)

Stephen George Sanderson (UKIP)

Noel Clifford Walsh (Con)

Turnout - 43.36%


Karl Peter Barnsley (Lab)

Ronald William Corbin (Lab)

Kevin Thomas Horkin (Con)

Allan McLean Knox (Lib Dem)

Charles William Hamish McFall (Con)

Mary Robinson (Lib Dem)

Turnout - 31.69%


Jenny Berry (Lab)

Alison Mary Brown (Con)

Turnout - 35.45%


Liz Birtwistle (Lab)

Ricky Newmark (Con)

Turnout - 37.44%


Ian Frank Brown (Con)

Pam Dowson (Con)

Carol Ann Makin (Lab)

Donna Louise O’Rourke (Lib Dem)

Liv Pamphlett (Lab)

Chantelle Louise Seddon (Lib Dem)

Turnout - 30.74%

St Mary’s:

Warren Lee Bennett (Con)

Jordan Alexander Campion (Lab)

Garry Richard Dugdale (Lab)

Stewart Mark Fletcher (Lib Dem)

Jonathan Hill (Lib Dem)

Sue Hind (Con)

Turnout - 38.68%

Waddington, Bashall Eaves and Mitton:

Bob Buller (Lib Dem)

Kenneth Harvard Hind (Con)

Turnout - 35.37%

West Bradford and Grindleton:

Ed Clayton (Lib Dem)

Mary Bridget Hilton (Con)

Turnout - 33.99%

Whalley and Painter Wood:

Mark Andrew Hindle (Con)

Joseph Anthony Kellaway (Lab)

Ged Mirfin (Con)

Margaret Frances Young (Lab)

Turnout - 31.96%

Whalley Nethertown:

David Andrew Berryman (Con)

Ian James Metcalfe (Lab)

Mark Colin Thomas Powell (Lib Dem)

Turnout - 31.31%

Wilpshire and Ramsgreave:

Sue Bibby (Con)

Katherine Elizabeth Burn (Lab)

Charles Berkeley Cathcart (Lab)

Stuart Alan Hirst (Con)

Turnout - 33.55%

Wiswell and Barrow:

David Birtwhistle (Ind)

Julian David Dunn (Lab)

Steve Farmer (Con)

Simon John Kerins (Con)

Robert James Thompson (Ind)

Ian David Turner (Lab)

Oi Mei Wrightson (Green)

Turnout - 41.34%

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