Morecambe man who created police cars for Coronation Street and Cracker is back on the TV beat

A Morecambe company boss is turning the clock back to his high-octane teenage years when he was responsible for ensuring authentic looking police cars did the blue light business in TV crime dramas, soaps and films.

Kris Holt operated alongside a string of stars as he ensured the police vehicles were able to perform perfectly in high speed pursuits or in dramatic raids on criminal suspects.

Although he moved on from that exciting world when he was 21, Kris has now returned to the scene, using his graphic design skills to transform a range of vehicles into police cars that would look realistic in most constabulary areas.

And it’s the pandemic that has seen Kris return to his young roots in the likes of Coronation Street, Cracker, Taggart, Rebus, Prime Suspect, Emmerdale and Touch of Frost.

Kris Holt puts the finishing touches to one of his police cars. Picture by Tony North

He launched his innovative Morecambe-based interior design digital printing business 15 years ago, producing high quality work which has gained national recognition.

Two significant elements of the firm’s production involves hotels and pubs and the Jet2 airline.

However, the virtual closure of the hospitality industry and slump in air travel has had a significant impact.

So Kris decided to diversify and launch the Kris Holt Action Vehicles arm of his company.

Lights, camera, action... Kris Holt with two of his police cars. Picture by Tony North

“The company was going phenomenally well but then, because of the pandemic, the main part of the business, involving public houses, dropped off a cliff. We printed murals for the toilets for Jet2 and that also dropped off a cliff in March.

“We continued to operate, of course, but also decided to diversify in order to try and fill the gaps, and launched Kris Holt Action Vehicles.

“We are doing a lot of fishing in the north right now focusing on police dramas.

“We are continuing to do research to make sure our vehicles look like the majority of police constabulary models.”

Lights, camera, action... Kris Holt with two of his police cars. Picture by Tony North

Kris has a minimum of five vehicles on site, all of which have been skilfully decked out in familiar colourings and flashings, ready for action on the small and big screen.

If more are needed they can be pulled in from other sources.

Looking back to his teenage years, Kris said: “It was my favourite job of all time, so exciting. I would be responsible for the delivery of the vehicles to the film sets and it was also my job to make sure they worked properly.”

So police cars that once carried Cracker or Inspector Rebus on dangerous, high speed missions, under the watchful eye of a young Kris Holt, may soon be making a spectacular, made in Morecambe return to our screens.

Kris Holt Action Vehicles. Picture by Tony North