Is Preston one of the most dangerous places to cycle in the UK? Here’s what Post readers had to say

New figures suggesting Preston is one of the most dangerous cities in the UK for cyclists has sparked a lively debate amongst Post readers.

By Andy Moffatt
Thursday, 12th May 2022, 12:30 pm

With a 200 per cent uptake in cycling since Covid lockdowns, examined more than 12,000 cycling routes and analysed the number of bike accidents, average steepness, surface quality, and lighting to assign a danger score for each UK city.

With an average ‘danger rating’ of 6.79/10, routes in and around Preston ranked as sixth 'most dangerous' – just below London.

Here’s a selection of what our readers had to say:

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Part of the "cycle superhighway" between Penwortham and Preston

John Paterson: I drive, I pay road tax, I understand that some cyclists can be silly and frustrating. I also cycle to work regularly (I'm an old fart, I need to stay fit).The thing is, the worst you'll get is a scratch on you car. The person on the bike could be injured, crippled or even killed. Keep that perspective in mind. Give a bike 5 feet of space. There could be a gust of wind that makes them swerve or (yet another) pothole to avoid. Be a decent human.

Martin Henderson: One of the most dangerous places to walk more like!

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Juliet Preston: Fuel prices through the sunroof, traffic jams left right and centre (good luck to those living down new hall lane over summer) you’d think more people would be cycling to work, like myself, but it’s too dangerous for so many people without good routes, too many main roads… shame we can’t be more Holland about it.

Paul Davey: Let’s see how many people use These cycle lanes that you And the rest of your cycle buddies Want I will put a bet nine months a year they will not get used.

Nige Stephenson: MCycles are not the answer and encouraging more onto the roads will only lead to more accidents. If you are able bodied and fit, single and live next door to a supermarket, are impervious to wind and rain, then fine, you enjoy your bike.

James Tull Goodwin: I hate cyclists, they should be made to pay road tax & insurance, one hit my car a few years back his own fault but never paid for the damage.

Pete Tyrer: If they learnt how to ride properly it wouldn't be so dangerous.

Lee Holding: Seems about right. I've lights, helmet, high vis backpack and even a wing mirror - so as far as I'm concerned, it's the inconsiderate car drivers that are unable to adapt to the situation.

Martin James Clark: I'm a cyclists I respect the rights of car vans and lorry drivers there bigger than me. I want to get to work and home safe all I will say is have a bit of respect for cyclists also after all we all trying to get from a to b safe.

Heather Simpson: It’s just to justify all the wasted money being spent on putting in unnecessary cycle lanes and disrupting traffic.

Michael Coleran: A shameful reflection on the poor driving skills of so many.