Heartbroken Chorley woman finds dog Wilf washed up on riverbank 13 days after going missing

Moe Wood who had been relentlessly searching day and night found the four-year-old border terrier yesterday afternoon beside the River Yarrow in Chorley.

A grieving Moe who described Wilf as having loads of character who slept next to her said: "He must have drowned the day he went into the river.

"I found him at 13.15pm. He had washed up downstream in the middle of the river amongst a lot of debris."

She then called her daughter Lauren who left work to come to her mum's aid. They waded in to get him to take him home.

Wilf who was last seen a week ago.

"We took him to Leyland Pet Cemetery."

When Wilf went missing Moe set up a Facebook group entitled HAVE YOU SEEN WILF which amassed over 6,000 followers.

Members helped with continued organised searches, drones were been put in place and leaflets have distributed in the hope of him being reunited with his family.

Offering words of comfort for Moe and her family Lucy Unsworth said: "Thinking of Lauren and Moe. Can't imagine what they are going through."

Wilf with Lauren.

Linda Anderson said: "Oh so sorry really hope for a better result. Wilf will know how loved he is and how hard you tried to find him.

"No consolation but you have closure and no wondering 'what if'. Sleep well little man."

Julie Hardman added: "What a loved little man he was.. credit to the family and everyone who helped to look for him and keep hoping for the best. At least he is not still missing so the family can mourn their loss. Poor little boy."

Ricky Young credited the family for their unwavering determination while searching for him. "So sorry to hear this sad news. I was hoping for a better ending to this story.

Wilf with his mate Alf.

"Wilf's owners and Facebook friends have been amazing trying to locate him. RIP little fella."

Wilf has been missing for over a week now.
RIP Wilf.