Future Champions Nursery staff and residents row over parking

A Chorley mother with an 11-week-old baby has hit out at nursery staff for parking on residents' properties instead of using their own carpark.

By Emma Downey
Friday, 8th July 2022, 4:55 am

The woman, 31, who did not wish to be named, said that staff at Future Champions Nursery in Whittle-le-Woods were making residents' lives hell by using up their parking spaces.

She said: "I live on Shaw Brow in Whittle-le-Woods and we have ongoing issues with the staff from Future Champions Nursery on the a6 parking on pavements and in front of our houses.

"As these are mainly cottages we don’t have our own drives and they refuse to move their vehicles.

Whittle-le-woods residents have expressed their dismay over staff at Future Champions Nursery "taking up parking spaces" leaving them with nowhere to park

"Not long ago one of their cars rolled down Shaw Brow colliding with a parked car. It’s making it very dangerous."

She added: "I have an 11-week-old baby and I am scared of nipping out to the shops in case I have to try and find a space when I come back. Even when I take my son to the doctors they are quick to park up.

"They have a massive carpark which is always completely empty.

"It's just about morals really.

Residents have said that have had enough

"Residents have had enough."

County Councillor for Clayton with Whittle Division Mark Clifford added that he had made contact with the nursery to try and resolve the problem.

"Following multiple complaints from residents regarding the ridiculous parking situation affecting Shaw Brow in Whittle-le-Woods, it became necessary to contact the management of Future Champions Nursery and request they allow their nursery staff to park on the nursery car park to alleviate serious issues my residents face.

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County Councillor for Clayton with Whittle Division Mark Clifford has said the parking is a "serious road safety hazard"

"Whilst at first management apologised and the situation improved, it quickly returned to normal and further requests are now going unheeded."

He continued: "Residents cannot park outside of their properties on Shaw Brow due to nursery staff filling up all the spaces leaving the elderly and those with mobility issues no choice but to struggle up a very steep hill, a ridiculous and selfish act. The parking of all these nursery vehicles on both sides at the top of Shaw Brow is also a serious road safety hazard.

"I call upon management once again to allow their staff to use their own car park and show respect for residents in the area, my residents are absolutely fed up with this ongoing situation and action must be taken now. Enough is enough!"

A spokesperson for the nursery said: "We want to have good relationships with all of our neighbours and regularly deliver flowers and herbs to our neighbours with a note from nursery and the children.

Some of the parked cars on Shaw Brow in Whittle-le-Woods which is causing residents distress

“I am sorry to hear that residents are upset but want to clarify that staff always park legally and respectfully. We are 100 place nursery therefore need to keep most of the car park free for our very young children to ensure their safety as the A6 road is very busy and has heavy traffic all through the day.

“We have increased the amount of staff that can park on the car park at nursery to try and ease the issues and currently half of all the spaces are taken with staff I cannot increase this anymore without comprising the safety of our children.”

One resident said she is "scared of nipping out" in case her space will be occupied when she returns