Doorbell camera captures the moment a brazen Preston thief steals milk from a doorstep just three minutes after it was delivered

A brazen thief helped himself to a milk carton just three minutes after it was delivered.

By Emma Downey
Friday, 8th April 2022, 8:49 pm

Terence Logan, who lives on Garstang Road in Barton and gets a carton of milk delivered three times a week, was alerted to the theft by doorbell technology and captured the incident on CCTV.

He said: "When anyone approaches the house from 15 yards the house chime goes off.

"When the milk lady arrives at 1am it goes off but then my wife Jennifer heard it again she thought it was a cat.

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Footage shows the brazen thief helping himself to a milk carton just three minutes after it was delivered.

"When I checked the CCTV footage I couldn't believe someone had robbed our milk."

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The 46-year-old sales manager added: "He must have been following the milk lady as he lifted it three minutes after it has been delivered.

"I have lived here for the past 14 years and this has never happened before so I'm hoping it's a one off."

Video footage shows the brazen thief wearing what appears to be a light coloured tracksuit and a backpack, stroll up to the doorstep, take the milk and then proceed to casually walk away.

Asked what he would say to the perpetrator if he saw them, Terence added: "I would ask them for the money back and say I hope he enjoyed his cornflakes this morning because I didn't."