'Yet another ill-suited housing proposal'

Yet another planning application submitted, this time for Beck homes on D'urton Lane.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 30th November 2018, 5:05 pm
Updated Friday, 30th November 2018, 6:10 pm
What do you think about recent housing proposals?
What do you think about recent housing proposals?

Like most of Preston, this once quiet lane sees yet another inappropriate set of plans, virtually next to the M55.

It amazes me how these planners wedge the houses in. Together, with another application at the top end of the lane for many more, Broughton will soon be part of Preston city.

Yes, I am aware the Government dictates the need for housing (the need for cheap housing is obvious, not builders’ profits) but please consider leaving part of our green land alone.

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The need for housing has to go along with the need for schools and other proper road infrastructure before, or at least alongside, permission is granted.

There needs to be forward thinking at what impact all the construction and subsequent residential traffic will have on the whole community.

It has been mentioned before about Eastway, near the A6. Already this has become a nightmare for drivers approaching the M55.

This is suppposed to be a ring road. It is time for the council to consider the future ramifications of these buildings projects. Get an extra lane built, widen and open up D’urton Lane to through traffic to relieve this problem.




MPs, give our country back

Throughout my life, I have always had a very low opinion of MPs and so-called leaders in this country.

All the shenanigans and pantomime surrounding this Brexit fiasco has done nothing at all to change my opinion or feelings towards them.

I doubt very much if there is anyone left in this country who isn’t fed up with it all, whether you voted to leave or remain. I voted to leave by the way.

Let’s face it, it has been a complete shambles from the beginning and it’s not over yet. We have all witnessed the buffoonery of Prime Minister’s Question Time. What is it? Oh yes it is, oh no it isn’t.

I think you get the drift of what I am saying.

I love this country and its way of life, but these MPs all falling out like school children in the playground has tested my loyalty to the absolute limit.

Many lives were lost in the two world wars to give us the freedom we have today. Don’t squander that freedom.

The people who fought in the wars stood up to be counted and put their country first. It is a great pity that most MPs don’t do the same instead of putting their own interest first. To all MPs, please give us our country back.

Maurice Oliver



First images look great

It’s great to see the first images of the Eden Project, proposed for the old Bubbles site in Morecambe. The images (pictured) were produced by Nicholas Grimshaw Architects and released on November 22.

Of course, the £100m cost still has to be raised, but the project has support from powerful sponsors and there would seem to be a good chance of success.

This scheme will be a brilliant new attraction in Morecambe, and will be of benefit to the whole district.

Martin Widden

For Lancaster Civic Society/Lancaster Vision


For the few, not the many

It was interesting to note Coun Neil Cartwright’s fulsome praise for capitalism as a force for lifting people out of poverty (LP Letters, November 27).

How ironic, therefore, that the previous page should report on efforts to fund a desperately-needed food bank building in Chorley.

Clearly, not everyone enjoys the riches of Mr Fairclough’s political doctrine.

Jeff Sherwin



Train info

was wrong

The Looking Back feature incorrectly identified the steam locomotive pictured at Preston Railway Station as an Ivatt 2-6-0 (LP November 27). The locomotive, no. 75050, is actually a British Railways (BR) 4MT 4-6-0, a class introduced in 1951.

The Ivatt 2-6-0s were ex LMS locomotives introduced in 1946 and numbered in the range 46400 to 46527 by BR after the railways were nationalised.

Rod Hindle

via email


Simple solution

If more trains ran on time in the first place, and train operators had proper customer service policies in place, an Ombudsman would not be needed. Simple.

A M via email