Readers' letters: August 21

We're unhappy with ex-restaurant plans

A Touch of Spice
A Touch of Spice

I am a resident of Downing Court, which is next to the proposed development in the centre of Broughton, on the Touch of Spice site and adjoining car park.

As residents, we have taken it upon ourselves to print a leaflet and distribute it around the village of Broughton to inform local residents of the planning application and the options to voice their opinion.

We have been both saddened and heartened by the response regarding the lack of communication informing the local population, many of whom are elderly.

The overwhelming response is of anger and disappointment that the said proposal fails to address the needs of the community and environment.

If passed, this application may be interpreted as pandering to developers’ profit aspirations by cramming as much onto the plot as possible after apparently removing signs of vegetation prior to informing of the proposal.

The number of residents informed by letter seems to be meagre, the application does not appear to be posted in the vicinity and the timing and speed of the process during the summer

holiday season could be perceived to be cynical.

Rob Anderson



Electric cars will not fix problem

World energy production for the year 2014 was 12,674 million tonnes of oil equivalent.

Whatever the form of the energy production, the end result is this amount of heat being released into the atmosphere by whatever process uses the energy.

All forms of energy usage create additional pollution due to fuels consumed and the processes used to put this power to some practical use.

The plan to force us to change to electric or petrol electric hybrid cars is only tinkering at the edge of the problem, and will not make any significant change to the contribution made by energy use to the overall problem of global warming.

Global energy production is increasing by about two per cent per year and the plan to force the motor industry to completely reinvent its production processes is unlikely to compensate for more than one year’s increase in energy production.

Our roads will continue to be a traffic jam or a car park or some combination of both unless public transport can become a pleasant means of travel rather than the option of last resort.

Paul Brown

Address supplied


‘A one-way freedom’

Mr R Boswells’ defence of the right to wear whatever we choose is to be commended (LP Letters, August 16).

This has been a Christian country for nigh on 1,400 years. In recent years, an airline check-in clerk was placed on unpaid suspension for wearing a small cross and chain. A nurse was summarily sacked for the same reason.

In addition, a Christian electrician was threatened with dismissal for displaying a small palm cross on his van dashboard.

A nurse was also sacked for lending a patient a Bible.

These incidents caused barely a ripple in the press.

Boris Johnson repeated a tired one-liner concerning Muslim dress style and the PC yogurt knitters go into meltdown.

Could Mr Boswell enlighten us as to what the reaction would be if an English female browsed the streets of Saudi Arabia et al in a mini skirt?

We both know the answer. His ‘freedom of expression’ only works one way.

Pete Hanslip

Lostock Hall


Abandoned residents

It greatly disappoints that Preston Bus has decided to end its number 14 service at Holme Slack (Petition is demanding bus service, LP August 9).

Many, particularly older, residents in the Ronaldsway area will have great difficulty reaching the new terminus.

Some will be unable to do so at all, thus joining the residents of the Longsands area in being completely abandoned by the bus company.

The budget for bus subsidies in the county council has been used up.

The deregulation of bus services by previous Tory governments has resulted

in routes being run for profit and not for public need.

Coun John Browne

Brookfield Ward, Labour


Train fares proposal

How about this? Every time my train is late, £1 is docked from my next rail fare. Every time it doesn’t show up, I don’t have to buy a ticket for the next one. Seems only fair.

lottiejayne via email