Preston public react to the sentences handed out to Jack Jermy-Doyle's killers calling them "disgusting"

The Preston public have reacted to the news that the killers of 25-year-old Jack Jermy-Doyle have been jailed for just over 14 years between them.
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Yesterday, Jak Fairclough, 29, of Blackpool Road, Preston, and Jake Parkinson, 22, of Bow Lane, Preston, were sentenced at Preston Crown Court for the manslaughter of trainee barrister Jack, also from Preston.

Fairclough, who delivered the fatal blow to Jack’s head, was sentenced to six years and four months, whilst Parkinson, who threw the first punch to Jack’s stomach, was sentenced to eight years.

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When the news broke of the pair’s sentencing, numerous people took to Facebook to share their reaction, which overwhelmingly was disgust at the jail sentence lengths.

Left: Jack Jermy-Doyle. Top right: Jake Parkinson. Bottom right: Jak FaircloughLeft: Jack Jermy-Doyle. Top right: Jake Parkinson. Bottom right: Jak Fairclough
Left: Jack Jermy-Doyle. Top right: Jake Parkinson. Bottom right: Jak Fairclough

What have the public said?

Tina Harper: “Is that all? It should be at least double that.”

Siobhan Stevens: “Combined 14 years ?! Jacks life was worth more than that !!! That’s appalling!!!

Martin Henderson: “Is that all, the price of a life means life in this case. They knew full well what they where doing. No justice at all for Jack's family and friends.”

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Carole Pearson: “Disgusting sentence feel so sorry for the victims family. They will be out in no time, no justice, may Jack RIP”

Pauline Stanley: "Is that all, they were on CCTV looking for other innocent people to assault and 14 years between them? The sentences are disgraceful!! Should have been 20 years each at the very least, I'm disgusted”

Emma Parkinson: “Not long enough for these scumbags. His family have to deal with life long pain of losing their loved one.”

Milomilo Brian: “No deterrent ... this will unfortunately keep happening until you give them life .”

How did the judge come to his sentencing decision?

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In his sentencing judgement, Graham Knowles KC explained that manslaughter cases are split into four categories, A-D, based on the offender's culpability (how much they are to blame for the death).

He continued to explain that it was categories B (with a starting sentence of 12 years) and C (starting sentence of six years) that were to be considered in this instance.

Ultimately the killing of Jack was deemed by the judge to fall into category C: "where death was caused in the course of an unlawful act which involved an intention by the offender to cause harm (or recklessness as to whether harm would be caused) that falls between high and lower culpability."

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Once a category is decided, a judge then may provide an uplift to this minimum sentence based on the severity of the violence of the crime.

Graham Knowles KC said he did believe this case required a higher starting point for sentencing that the minimum, explaining "you struck a blow with so much force that a man fell to the ground with a noise I have heard multiple times... a man who was taller than you."

The judge then added that he did not believe any of the mitigation factors mentioned by the defence lawyers were significant enough to take into account when sentencing.

Fairclough only had a reduced sentence compared to Parkinson as he had entered a guilty plea at Crown Court whilst Parkinson was found guilty by trial.

Graham Knowles KC explained that those who indicate a guilty plea are entitled to a 25 per cent reduction in the setence "to encourage others to come forward."

Read the full court report here.