Did you spot last night's rare weather phenomenon?

The sky above Lancashire was a dazzling array of colours as a rare cloud formation formed '“ leaving residents wowed.
Nacreous clouds above Blackpool (Pic: Louise Coyne)Nacreous clouds above Blackpool (Pic: Louise Coyne)
Nacreous clouds above Blackpool (Pic: Louise Coyne)

We were contacted by numerous residents who spotted the phenomenon on Monday evening, just hours before Storm Henry battered the region with 70mph gusts of wind.

The nacreous clouds are a rarely seen, luminous, iridescent cloud which gives off a green and pink colour, made when crystals form at ultra-low temperatures at high altitude.

The clouds, sometimes called mother-of-pearl or rainbow clouds, are often associated with high winds, experts said.

They were spotted across the UK and Ireland and shared on social media.

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