House party thugs locked up after Fleetwood assault

Two college friends were attacked at a house party by two men armed with a metal pole and knife.

Co defendant Thomas Cawley (pictured), 20, of Forshaw Close, Fleetwood admits assaulting both men,
Co defendant Thomas Cawley (pictured), 20, of Forshaw Close, Fleetwood admits assaulting both men,

Jack Robert Fawcett, 21, of HMP Stoke Heath, admitted assault on November 19 in Fleetwood.

He also admitted possessing an offensive weapon on Harris Street.

Co defendant Thomas Cawley (pictured), 20, of Forshaw Close, Fleetwood admits assaulting both men, as well as possessing a kitchen knife.

Recorder Laurence McDonald, sentencing them at Preston Crown Court, jailed Fawcett for two years and 20 weeks, and sent Cawley to a young offender’s institute for 26 months.

Prosecuting, Stephen Parker said: “The victims are friends from college and on that evening were out together in Blackpool when one received a Snapchat request from a girl he knew, inviting him and his friend to a house party at an address on Harris Street in Fleetwood.

“The two of them went there, arriving sometime before 9am on November 19. (My client) would say by that time the two of them were in drink but were fully aware of what was going on.

“The two defendants were both present. They were known to them, not exactly as friends, but by name.

“(He) would say a few weeks previous to this party he had a fall out with Cawley over an X Box and wanted to clear the air, so he went out of his way to speak to him.

“That was amicable and they ended up hugging each other.”

But around 45 minutes later, for no reason, Cawley and Fawcett approached him and slapped him around the head.

Fawcett bit into his nose before party goers intervened, calling them both “bullies”.

Mr Parker added: “The two defendants then left and went upstairs to another room. Despite what happened the men remained at the party not believing anything further was going to happen, but it did because at around 10pm (the other victim) was sat down talking to one of the girls when all of a sudden Cawley approached him and hit him round the back of the head with what he thought was a piece of wood or a bat.

“In fact it was a metal pole. He fell to the floor and both defendants repeatedly hit him to his face and head. He put his hands up to protect himself.

“He ran from the flat to try and get away and telephoned his brother and the police. As he was outside waiting the two defendants came out onto the street.

“Fawcett was carrying a metal pole and Cawley was carrying a knife.”

When police arrived Fawcett and Cawley ran away. Officers found a knife in a neighbour’s yard before they were arrested.

One of the men had suffered cuts to his eyes and face.

Wayne Jackson, defending Cawley, said: “He’s been a very foolish young man. He’d been drinking too much and his behaviour got out of hand.”

Paul Robinson, defending Fawcett, said: “He unfortunately has an unenviable record, he’s had a troubled youth.”