Chorley men staged disturbing two hour siege in house after attacking couple, with one going on to gouge a police worker's eye

A dramatic two hour stand off at a house in Chorley has led to two men being jailed.

By Stef Hall
Thursday, 9th January 2020, 5:00 pm

Negotiators were called to the address on Steeley Lane, Chorley, after Adam Michael Clarke, 29, of no fixed abode, and Aiden Dewhurst, 23, of Welsby Road, Leyland, barricaded themselves in, hurled glasses at officers through a window, and began self harming.

Armed police were also brought in, but an attempt to taser Clarke as he leapt from a window and ran away failed, as part of the taser did not connect properly.

Clarke was jailed for 20 months, while Dewhurst was jailed for 26 months and 30 days.

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Aiden Dewhurst

Preston Crown Court was told their erratic behaviour began after police had gone to the address to arrest them after the duo assaulted a mum, Donna Hall, and her partner Kevin Callan outside their home, using a battery in a sock as a weapon.

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Two men arrested for assault after stand-off with armed police in Chorley

During their sentencing, the men were told off by Judge Simon Medland QC for laughing at the video footage of the assaults played in court.

After the assaults, the men fled to Clarke's sister's home - even though Dewhurst was by then banned from contacting the vulnerable woman by a restraining order - and barricaded themselves in the vulnerable woman's house in Chorley.

Police taped off Steeley Lane in Chorley

When officers arrived to arrest them over the assaults, the situation developed into a hostile stand off.

Later, in custody, Clarke gouged a police worker's eye and left him with rib injuries - today former offier Phil Grover revealed the incident effectively ended his 40-year connection to Lancashire Police.

Prosecuting, Jane Dagnall gave details of the first incident, and said: " At 7am on Monday, July 22, the family was at home. They were all in bed.

"Donna Hall heard a bang on the door and saw Clarke, who asked where her son Kyle was. He said Aiden wanted a one to one with him.

"She went downstairs and outside and saw her door was damaged.

"She saw Dewhurst and both men shouted at her to get Kyle.

"Dewhurst had a battery in a sock which he swung around."

"Before she left her house, she picked up a stick to protect herself.

"Outside there was a confrontation in the street, during which Dewhurst struck her twice on the head.

"She later went to hospital for a cut on the back of her head cleaned and it was glued.

"She was on the street dealing with the men. Her partner, Kevin Callan, joined her.

"After being egged on by Clarke, Dewhurst used the battery in the sock to hit Mr Callan and caused a cut.

"Clarke shouted at Hall to get in before he stabbed her. He was holding a pair of scissors

"She has described herself as being terrified.

"Once inside they leaned on the door because the two defendants continued to kick at it.

"Police were called. The disturbance alerted a number of members of public.

"One took photos.

"Another was so concerned they rang police as it was such a loud disturbance and the men ran off."

Officers went to Steeley Lane, Chorley, and surrounded the address.

Ms Dagnall said: " Dewhurst was seen to go in and he and Clarke seemed to get in and take up what followed.

"Mr Dewhurst was spoken to by one officers and asked why they were there.

"Both became instantly quite aggressive towards officers. Dewhurst picked up a knife.

"Mr Clarke threw drinks glasses at the police officers through the window. They missed by a metre and smashed on the patio.

"Clarke climbed through an open window.

"Police drew a Taser but Clarke went back inside.

"The defendants said they didn't care if they were returned to prison and threatened to throw liquid.

"Dewhurst started to barricade himself in the kitchen.

Armed response officers were called but the men continued to act extremely aggressively.

They took their shirts off, punched windows, and encouraged each other to harm the officers.

Both men, fuelled by Valium and illegal substances, also self harmed.

The court heard Clarke eventually jumped out of a window armed with a bar. Police deployed a Taser but only part of it connected and he carried on running away.

Dewhurst was caught trying to escape from a window.

The court heard Clarke was obstructive when arrested on July 23. A ring was forcibly removed from him and he had to change into a suit.

Around 30 minutes after he was put into a special police cell - without a toilet - for observation, he demanded to use the toilet and threatened a "dirty protest" if he couldn't.

A G4S custody officer - former Lancashire Police officer Phil Grover - went to assist him, effectively alone in the cell with him, and Clarke approached him with raised fists.

He attacked him, gouging his right eye, before climbing onto a bench over the officer and punching his ribs.

He had to be treated in hospital.

Today, he revealed it effectively put an end to his 40-year career working with the force. He retired in 2010, but joined G4S as a custody gaoler in April 2011 and returned to work with the


He said: "I still have a raised scar on my right eye ball but the ribs are fine.

"The worse part was when the custody nurse looking after me asked a colleague to go and get the defibrillator - not words I want to hear again in a hurry.

"With regret I decided to resign my position when I did return to work, bringing to an end my 40 year connection with the Lancashire Constabulary."

Clarke admits two counts of affray and one of causing actual bodily harm.

Dewhurst admits two charges of causing actual bodily harm, possessing a weapon (the battery in the sock), affray and breaching a restraining order

A charge of threatening someone with a bladed article - the scissors - will lie on the file against both men.

Both men faced minimum sentencing rules for the weapons offences due to previous offences.

Judge Simon Medland QC branded their case an "absolutely disgraceful exhibition of violence".

He added: "You were both armed.

"There was a stand off siege to which large numbers of police were deployed.

"This was disgraceful incident and it was entirely avoidable. The pair of you acted together. You were both drunk or drugged."