Blackpool's Ex on the Beach star admits attacking pal after drinking game at his house

Reality TV star James ‘Jimmy’ Moore assaulted a friend during a drinking session.

By Court reporter
Saturday, 20th March 2021, 11:52 am
Updated Saturday, 20th March 2021, 11:58 am

The 29-year-old former Ex on the Beach contestant was found guilty of rugby tackling and then assaulting the man he once worked with and considered one of his best friends.

The two men and their girlfriends had been playing drinking games at Moore’s house in June last year.

Moore, of Redwood Boulevard, South Shore, then argued with his partner and left the property to go to another party, District Judge Jane Goodwin was told at Blackpool Magistrates’ Court.

James 'Jimmy' Moore

The victim and his partner returned to their home in the town and a Moore’s upset girlfriend followed them and was offered the spare bedroom.

Moore turned up and stormed in by the back door and went upstairs demanding to know why his girlfriend was there.

He was asked to leave but refused and rugby tackled the victim and jumped on top of him, hurting his elbow.

The victim struggled and his girlfriend kicked Moore several times to get him off.

Police were called and Moore was arrested.

The victim told the judge that he had tried to get the assault charge dropped.

Moore told the court he had been drinking in the afternoon at a family lunch and had followed that with the drinking games at his home.

He also drank at the party he had gone to.

He agreed he had problems with his temper and drink and told the judge: “I have had mental health issues and have just spent three weeks in rehab and am now on a recovery programme.”

“I have tried to take my own life a few times,” added the man who runs his own joinery and tanning businesses.

Sentencing him, the judge said: “The evidence of the victim and his partner was compelling.

“You had a loss of temper and you went off to a party, which may have been the trigger to events. You were not invited into the victim’s home.

“This was a sad situation all round.”

Moore must pay a total of £714 in fines and costs, the judge ordered.

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