Child rapist handed 20-year sentence

Andrew RamplingAndrew Rampling
Andrew Rampling
A CHILD rapist has been handed one of the longest jail sentences available after a judge ruled he still posed a risk, particularly to young girls.

Andrew Rampling who repeatedly raped a four-year-old girl is today starting a TWENTY year term after being found guilty by a jury at Liverpool Crown Court.

The court heard that 36-year-old Rampling, of Bolton Road, Ashton, sexually abused the little girl on many occasions before she confided in her mum what had been happening.

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Jailing him for 17 years with a three year extended licence Judge Brian Cummings, QC said that him telling his innocent victim to keep it their secret and making her feel guilty was “classic behaviour of paedophiles.”

Shaven-haired Rampling, who was convicted after a trial, still maintains his innocence and sat in the dock repeatedly shaking his head, with his arms defiantly folded and his tongue lolling out.

The jury heard that DNA evidence of one of his attacks was found on the child’s Disney ‘Frozen’ top and when his phone was later seized and analysed it was found to have adult pornographic videos, which he had deleted, and he had made three internet searches for child pornography just nine days before the rape.

Judge Cummings said that Rampling had “absolutely selfish disregard for others” and a pre-sentence report showed, “you currently pose a serious risk particularly to young girls of serious sexual offences.”

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The judge said he also showed no empathy towards his victim, adding: “You have a sexual interest in pre-pubescent girls and have a powerful urge to act on this interest. I have no interest to think you will lose that interest when released.”

Rampling will have to serve two thirds of the 17 year term before he can apply for parole. He was also ordered to sign on the Sex Offenders Register for life.

He had been convicted of rape and three offences of sexual assault which the judge described as “perilously close to rape.”

The judge said that the victim, who now shows signs of insecurity and has nightmares, blames herself and her life has been damaged forever.

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During the trial Rampling described her and her mother as ‘liars’, which was an attempt “to save your own skin,” said Judge Menary.

Andrew Ford, prosecuting, told the court that the offences came to light after the child, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, told her mum that she had seen “cheeky ladies” on his phone.

When questioned further she revealed what had been happening to her and said he had told her it was their secret and if she told anyone he would go to prison and “eat maggots.”

The police were notified but Rampling, suspecting that his behaviour had come to light, vanished for 48 hours before being arrested.

The court heard that he has previous convictions but nothing similar.

Paul Becker, defending, said that Rampling still denies the offences.

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