A&E figures investigation call

Accident and Emergency, Chorley HospitalPhoto KEVIN McGUINNESS
Accident and Emergency, Chorley Hospital
Photo KEVIN McGUINNESS Accident and Emergency, Chorley Hospital
A HEALTH chief will seek details of the number of people travelling from Chorley and surrounding areas to neighbouring A&E departments.

Lancashire county councillor Steve Holgate is to write to health trusts asking for figures.

Councillor Holgate responded to a request from a fellow councillor during a meeting of the health scrutiny committee, of which he is chairman, on Tuesday.

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The committee discussed the issues arising from the temporary closure of the A&E Department at Chorley and South Ribble Hospital.

Health bosses have downgraded the department to an urgent care unit.

County councillor Bev Murray, who represents Chorley south division, told councillor Holgate, who represents Chorley West, that, despite Lancashire Teaching Hospitals Trust saying the closure was not having an impact, she understood residents from the Chorley area were travelling to neighbouring hospitals for treatment.

She suggested councillor Holgate ask neighbouring trusts: “How many PR postcodes are now attending their A&Es and compare it to last year.”

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Councillor Holgate replied: “That’s a good idea and gives us an idea of potential unforseen circumstances of Chorley A&E being downgraded to an urgent care unit.”

The committee has held a series of meetings to discuss the issues following the closure. Tuesday’s focussed on the long term sustainability of health services within the county and discussed how the Clinical Commissioning Group and partners would design, consult and deliver new models of care.