Reader's react with sadness over demolition of Preston's last surviving matchday pub

Readers reacted with sadness to the news that Preston's last surviving matchday football pub is finally being shown the red card.

Reader's react with sadness over demolition of Prestons last surviving matchday pub
Reader's react with sadness over demolition of Prestons last surviving matchday pub

The Sumners in Fulwood, meeting place for North End fans for decades, looks set to be bulldozed within weeks.

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Bulldozers close in on Preston football pub

An application to knock down one of the city’s best-known watering holes has been submitted to Preston Council after months of speculation.

But the future use of the site still remains shrouded in mystery, with the new owners so far not identified.

The pub was put up for sale earlier this year with a guide price of £600,000. Demolition work could start on September 13.

"Anyone know what happened to the furniture (tables,chairs, etc)? I could make good use of it."

Kyle Orrell

"Could have made a good carvery type pub like the Pig and Whistle."

Karen Humphreys

"What a waste. It’s a relatively new build compared with some places."

Linda Bonney Watson

"Spent a few good nights in this place."

Margaret Topping

"North End have missed a trick there."

John Wearden

"Another pub gone. At this rate won’t be many left."

Simon Ferguson

"Spent many a good night in there."

Anthony Law

"More social housing might be an idea."

Glynis Finley

"Maybe if people went in to pubs instead of just sitting at home drinking cheap beer there might be a chance they would stay open.""

Hayden Hulme

"I only went in there quite recently. First time in a long time and it wasn’t in a particularly good condition. Sad, really.

Paul Strickleton

"I remember going with grandma and grandad and it always had a particular smell."

Amber Ashworth

"I loved it there back in the day! What a real shame for the club and its fans."

Danielle Hayes

"Had some great nights in there. Sad to see it go."

Dave Kelly

"This is the way many pubs are going. It’s a shame but I’m afraid it is a sign of the times."

Matt Townley

"Going to watch North End and calling in to the Sumners was a ritual for me and many others. A sad day."

Russ Grundy

"I’m saddened but not really surprised. "

Steve Wrigley

"I think there is a real possibility it will be developed into housing. That’s a shame but I’m afraid it is just the reality of the economy. Football is now a much more family-orientated sport and going for a few pints before the game isn’t as commonplace as it once was."

Declan McManus