Heads up for Bennett’s play

Have you ever fancied being an unwitting porn film star?

By The Newsroom
Friday, 9th May 2014, 1:00 pm
Alan Bennett- Talking Heads
Alan Bennett- Talking Heads

What about a serial letter writer or a pensioner who’s constant nagging may have seen off her husband?

If so head to Chorley Little Theatre this Sunday for the auditions for parts in CADOS’ production of Alan Bennett’s 1980s play Talking Heads.

Talking Heads AUDITION

The audition takes place between at 3pm with the show, which is being directed by Zoe Duffin-Jones, taking place Monday-Saturday, September 8-13.

The play itself is a series of comedic and dramatic monologues.

The parts are:

Her Big Chance

Age: 20 - 35

Lesley is an aspiring actress, who, after a series of unpromising extra roles on television programmes such as Crossroads finds what she believes to be her big break as the adventurous Travis in a new film....

It is not clear to what extent Lesley understands that she is appearing in a soft pornographic film.

Bed Among the Lentils

Age: 30 - 45

Susan, an alcoholic, nervous vicar’s wife who has to travel into Leeds to go to the off-licence because of her debts with the local shop keeper, distracts herself from her ambitious, and, as she sees him, vainly insensitive husband and his doting parishioners by conducting an affair with a nearby grocer, Ramesh Ramesh the third, discovering something about herself and God in the process.

Interestingly, she does not feel cheated when Ramesh Ramesh moves on to marry.

Lady of Letters

Age: 55 plus

Irene Ruddock is a working class single woman living near Bradford who is not afraid to speak, or rather write, her mind: she writes letters to her MP, the police, the chemist – everyone she can, to remedy the social ills she sees around her.

Cream Cracker Under the Settee

Age: 55 plus

Doris, aged seventy-five, is a tidy woman — and when she suffers a fall after trying to clear up after her considerably less thorough home help, Zulema, it becomes apparent that her constant nagging may have been responsible for her husband’s early death.

Alone and injured, she wonders whether the only place left for her in society is a care home which she distrusts.

A spokeswoman for CADOS said: “This production demands actresses who can hold an audience for 30 minutes.

“You will be alone on stage and with no props, no other actors – it would be down to you.

“This piece of theatre will be about ‘acting’.

“It is a fantastic opportunity but does demand someone who can command a stage for the duration of the play.

“All those auditioning will be required to perform relevant attached pieces, you do not need to know them off by heart but must be familiar with them enough to deliver a confident performance.”

e-mail [email protected] for details.