PCW’s Steven Fludder - ‘Jeff Jarrett confirmed the date to replace Kevin Nash’

I write this from the PCW Academy while we have a group booked in for a stag party.
PCW owner Steven FludderPCW owner Steven Fludder
PCW owner Steven Fludder

I have zero clue why somebody would want to be beaten up as a way of celebration but each to their own.

Its a crazy time right now for me with so much going on at once. The PCW Academy goes from strength to strength. The shows are thriving and we have numerous new partnerships with others helping us expand in to new areas.

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One thing I look forward too is July 11th where I have signed a legendary international tag team to work the event and most of all it is free of charge to the public. Other stars include Velvet Sky, Spud and Chris Masters. Nothing better as a proud Prestonian to showcase your trade in your home town. Last year was a real memorable day out with over four thousand fans coming to see PCW and this year I want even more and hope to attract over six thousand fans.

I have just had word that a large show in Blackpool will be happening this year too. Its very similar to the Tribute To The Troops event in Preston and I am excited at the prospect of taking PCW on the road.

Next week is 5upershow weekend. The first letter being a number to indicate the fifth super show weekend we have held at PCW and not just because my spelling is poor (as it is). Star names from around the globe are booked to fly in. Rob Van Dam, Jeff & Karen Jarrett, Justin Gabriel, Chris Masters, Maria Kanellis, The Kingdom, Eric Bischoff and the cream of UK talent. All is falling in to place now, but the road to it was a rocky one with Kevin Nash pulling out due to a breakdown in communication. I was lucky that with ten days to go I managed to pull off a master stroke and Jeff Jarrett confirmed the date to replace Kevin Nash.

After April 25th my next show is June 5th and that is a welcome break from shows. After this weekender I will have run eight shows in three months so the burnout is present. I have no idea how some promoters run every week as I have a battle doing it every month.

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In other news Kris Travis getting the all clear of cancer after having more scans this week is brilliant news. Real battler that guy and its great to see him come through this still strong.

For more details on PCW events or its academy go to www.prestoncitywrestling.com