Fine ales when rain put us in Wales

Shelter from storm provided pleasing pints and a tasty plate of Ping!

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 17th May 2014, 1:00 pm
Prince of Wales
Prince of Wales

Teeming rain, crowds, shopping bags in both hands – if there is finer preparation for flopping through pub doors it is not known to me.

Anyhow, stressed, sodden and hungry in Chorley centre last Saturday after noon, a brisk path was being beaten down New Market Street towards the town’s respectable Wetherspoons when the heavens opened and forced a quick change of plan.

One sidestep later we were at the bar of the Prince of Wales, now a Stonegate house, and I was poring – and dripping – over five or six interesting pumps.

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The pub itself, maybe a little careworn, but spotlessly clean, numerous tellies (sport a big offer here), but turned next to mute in most rooms enabling a cosy and welcoming human buzz.

A decent crowd in situ from bag-laden families to solo old lads reading the papers, along with a smattering of younger lads and lasses bracing themselves for the best day of the week.

Today Is Saturday Wear A Smile – and I certainly did upon raising a glass of Moorhouse’s White Mist. Golden ale with creamy head, a sip put honey up the hooter and big full orangey-citrus flavour flooded the palate.

Very easy drinking. By the time our food left the kitchen (including a Tikka Masala, quick enough to confirm as Chicken – albeit tasty – Ping) I had shot ahead of schedule and was in need of further liquid.

A first Butcombe Bitter, all the way from the Somerset village of Wrington, had travelled well.

Bitter bitter, clean taste, dry as you like and deeply refreshing, it ran nicely alongside a hefty heap of runny eggs, chips and ham.

Tiswas, indeed.

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