Lancashire Encounter festival returns to Preston with family picnic in Winckley Square, dance telling the story of Dick Kerr’s Ladies and a 4 metre tall puppet

Lancashire Encounter will return to Preston on Friday.

By Julia Bennett
Wednesday, 15th September 2021, 3:45 pm
Out of the Deep Blue by Autin Dance Theatre
Out of the Deep Blue by Autin Dance Theatre

The event, which celebrates Lancashire’s diverse culture with a programme of contemporary and community arts, runs until Saturday, October 2.

Funded by Arts Council England and Preston City Council, the festival will include a variety of performances, exhibitions, family-friendly activities and creative commissions, accessible to

all age groups.

Key highlights include a Family Picnic in Winckley Square; a dance piece documenting the Preston story of Dick Kerr’s Ladies; a 4 metre tall puppet telling a heartfelt and memorable story

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    of division, hope and belonging; ‘HOWL’ a film created by 100 people howling on Preston bus station; and two visual arts exhibitions that take their inspiration from the working of cotton.

    The festival will take place at key locations across Preston including the Flag Market, the Harris, the Bus Station and the MET, Preston’s newest venue – the Mobile Event Tent.

    Coun Peter Kelly, cabinet member for culture and arts at Preston City Council, said: “It’s hard to believe we’re back but we are, and I can’t wait to see the city full of theatre and music

    again. We all deserve to have a great time!

    “There’s definitely something for everyone so take a look at the programme online and plan your visit. Extending the festival to two full weeks means we can showcase even more great

    talent as events and shows make a welcome return to the city.”

    All festival events are free to attend – except the Salsa Party.

    To book tickets and for further information visit