YOUR SAY: Club staff '˜ignoring' woman who fell ill with seizure

Staff at a Preston bar have been criticised after being accused of ignoring a young woman who collapsed with a seizure on the dance floor.

Friday, 25th May 2018, 9:36 am
Updated Friday, 25th May 2018, 9:41 am
Lancashire Post readers have criticised the management at Popworld

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DJ 'refused to turn on lights' as woman collapsed with fit on dance floor

They say disco lights carried on flashing, a smoke machine continued pumping out fumes and drinkers callously stepped over her to request songs.

Popworld, in Church Street, issued a statement through their parent company Stonegate Pubs saying: “Whilst assistance was given by various team members, we always welcome feedback to see if there is anything more that could have been done.”

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Lancashire Post readers have criticised the management at Popworld

We asked people what they thought.

It was awful. This girl was very, very poorly and we thought she might not make it

Lauren Dineley

Epilepsy seizures can be triggered by many things. People with epilepsy are entitled to go out and dance and party like everyone else I hope lady recovers well. It is shameful what happened.

Mandy Finlay

Seems like they’re more bothered about money than people’s health or security. A girl needed help and she didn’t get it. What has happened to people’s safety? Disgusting.

Stacie Marie

Sounds a lot like the management team was more interested in keeping the paying punters in, the DJ should be ashamed of his/her actions.

Sandra Wakeling

I was there that night and was shocked by what happened, to be honest.

Jamie Smith

A pathetic response deserving nothing but utter contempt. Anyone going there after this should reflect on their values.

John O’Donnell

You welcome feedback? I think whoever issued this statement should be sacked and the council should consider if these premises are fit to hold a licence.

Sylvia Tito

Sounds like a lovely establishment to frequent! Shame on them. Hopefully the girl makes a full recovery.

Joany O’Connor

The DJ wouldn’t be able to hear you speak properly.

Davina Jones

That’s disgusting and a poor response from the nightclub’s management.

Michelle Matthews

This happened to my friend whilst we were in Popworld a couple years ago too. Someone put something in her drink (was our first drink of the night) and she collapsed in the smoking shelter. I was screaming at the bouncers to help me and ring an ambulance and they point blank refused, saying she was just drunk.People were stepping over her and the bouncers just stood at the other side of the door and ignored her. Lucky the bouncers next door at Tellers was there and were straight jumping over the barrier to help me! I complained to the management the next day and nothing was ever done.

Leanne Boyle