DJ 'refused to turn on lights' as woman collapsed with fit on dance floor

Staff and customers at a Preston bar have been accused of callously ignoring a young woman who collapsed with a seizure on the dance floor.

Wednesday, 23rd May 2018, 10:11 am
Updated Wednesday, 23rd May 2018, 1:06 pm
The woman collapsed with an epileptic fit on the dancefloor of Popworld, Preston

Friends of the 23-year-old claim a DJ at Popworld in Preston refused to turn up the lights - even when paramedics were trying to treat her.

They say disco lights carried on flashing, a smoke machine continued pumping out fumes and drinkers callously stepped over her to request songs.

“It was absolutely disgusting,” said Barry Mason, who was with the woman and other colleagues on a works outing.

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The woman collapsed with an epileptic fit on the dancefloor of Popworld, Preston

“I couldn’t believe the attitude of the DJ. He refused to do anything, even though we were trying to tell him she was ill, not drunk.

“It could have ended in tragedy if there hadn’t been trained medical staff in the group we were with.”

The woman, whose family have asked us not to name her to protect her privacy, has spent more than a week in hospital following the emergency.

Her mother revealed she suffered more than 30 epileptic fits during an 11-hour period in A&E at the Royal Preston Hospital and was put on a ventilator.

“She could have died,” said mum, who has lodged a formal complaint with the Popworld organisation.

“It was quite a dangerous situation. Luckily she was with girls with medical training. They were brilliant, as were the paramedics.

“One of the girls pleaded with the DJ to stop the flashing lights and clear the dance floor. He just refused point blank.

“She told him she was ill, not drunk or on drugs. She was having a fit. But he wouldn’t listen. In fact she kicked up such a fuss that they even threatened to throw her out.

“When the paramedics arrived they couldn’t even see to put a cannula in her arm. Staff wouldn’t put the lights up, so the girls were using mobile phones as torches.

“The whole thing is so disgusting. I can’t explain how angry I feel. People were stepping over her on the floor to request music from the DJ.”

Elaine Dineley, the friend who was threatened with eviction from the bar, said: “It was obvious she was fitting. I asked the DJ to turn the flashing lights off, but he just said ‘No.’

“We asked him to stop the smoke machine, but the reply was the same. It was disgraceful. She could have died.

“The paramedics couldn’t see to put a line in. But they wouldn’t turn up the house lights, or clear the place. So we had to use our mobiles to give them enough light to treat her.”

Popworld, in Church Street, issued a statement through their parent company Stonegate Pubs saying: “The safety of our customers is paramount.

“Whilst assistance was given by various team members, we always welcome feedback to see if there is anything more that could have been done.”