Super-spy Pudsey is on an exciting new mission

Ashleigh and PudseyAshleigh and Pudsey
Ashleigh and Pudsey
Pudsey is 10 years old '“ the equivalent of 70 in human years. And he's one old dog who can definitely be taught new tricks. He's the super spy pooch in Sunday's Mission ImPUDSEYble show at the Grand Theatre, Blackpool.

Along with owner Ashleigh Butler, of course. The pair (pictured) won hearts and votes on Britain’s Got Talent and they haven’t looked back since.

Pudsey thinks he’s a little human,” says Ashleigh. “I love how high he can jump. For a small dog he can jump very high. It’s like he has springs in his paws.

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“Pudsey knows his job now and so do I. He loves performing and showing off. I’m very lucky because a lot of dogs wouldn’t be able to cope with the lights of the stage and telly.”

It’s their first full length theatre tour, and the format is very different for the dare devil dog and sidekick spy.

Ashleigh says: “It’s packed full of lots of different things, a dancing dog, acrobats, dancers, singing and more. We just love being on the stage, and now we get to do what we love in our very own show. ”

Given the spy theme there’s no shortage of gadgets, although Ashleigh would love to be licensed to thrill with a device which “made people tell the truth about anything I want to know – things would definitely be a lot easier then”.

Tickets cost £20. To book, call the Grand Theatre box office on 01253 743339.

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