How Kelly Amelia Fitness Studio in Blackpool will perform aerial hoop, silks and pole routines for their annual show From the Page to the Stage

An aerial hoop and silks fitness class will be bringing books to life as members showcase their flexible talents at their annual show.

By Natalie Walker
Saturday, 4th January 2020, 5:00 pm
Kelly McNab
Kelly McNab

Women who attend Kelly Amelia Fitness Studio will be performing From the Page to the Stage at The Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s Globe on Saturday, March 21.

The show has a literary theme, featuring stunts and costumes relating to fiction, such as Harry Potter and The Hunger Games.

Kelly McNab, who runs 44 classes a week from her studio in Unit 7, Lynx House, Brinwell Road, Blackpool, said: “Every year we do a show to keep our students motivated and give them something to work towards. It pushes them out of their comfort zones and allows them to show off their hobby to family and friends, so people can understand what we do.

Kelly Amelia Fitness Studio, in Blackpool, which offers aerial hoop and silks

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    “The show is a story, like a book and has songs relating to books like Harry Potter and the Hunger Games.

    “We have solo and groups acts, silks, pole and hoop routines performed by our instructors and members. It is not to be missed.”

    Kelly, from Kirkham, has been running the fitness studio since September 2016, coaching 80 members, from children to adults.

    The 28-year-old said: “I run fitness classes and aerial silk and hoop. I got into pole fitness initially as that was quite a big thing a few years ago. Aerial hoop and silks are quite a niche thing so not many places offer it. But as I started doing pole fitness, I found out more about aerial hoop and silks.

    Kelly Amelia Fitness Studio, in Blackpool, which offers aerial hoop and silks

    “They work the same muscle groups and it is good to flip between the three: pole, hoop and silks. If people struggle with one, they can try another and increase their strength.

    “It offers many benefits, including helping people increase their strength and keeps them toned and fit.

    “It is not an easy sport to do so people feel like they have achieved something as it is a challenge.

    “Classes are also a lot of fun and people enjoy it.

    “I do classes for children too. It is mainly women - we have one or two men but that is it.”

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    Tickets for the group’s show From the Page to the Stage are £15 if booked now or £17.50 on the door. The show starts at 6.30pm on March 31. To buy a ticket call Kelly on 07742 628 298.

    For more information on what the fitness group does, visit or