Haffner celebrate Shakespeare for end of season show

The Haffner Orchestra will play a Shakespeare inspired programme for its last concert of the season

The concert takes place in Lancaster’s Ashton Hall, in Dalton Square on Saturday June 18.

Principal players Christine Lorriman and Janet Barlow will perform flute and clarinet solos.

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Conductor Justin Doyle said: “Given the vast amount of music inspired by Shakespeare’s plays over the past four centuries, it is very hard to distil all this repertoire into a single concert programme, but we will attempt to do so by playing representative music written for the historical plays Henry IV, V, tragedy Othello and comedy, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Merry Wives of Windsor.

“In Shakespeare’s day, incidental music was a major part of any production. Sometimes the role of music would be dramatically obvious, as in the songs, whereas at other times it would be more of a practical nature – e.g. ‘Curtain tunes’ between acts, during which scenery could be moved, candles replaced, and the passage of time suggested.

These curtain tunes might be popular dance forms, a musical language with which the audience would be more familiar then than now.”

The Haffner play at Ashton Hall on June 18, 7.30pm. Tickets £14, Concessions £13, 18 and under free Students £5 on the door

Buy online www.haffnerorchestra.org £14,

Ring 01524 582394

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