Gioteck HC-4 Gaming Headset Review

The increasing abundance of headsets available now and more so coming out by the day, buying the perfect one is becoming increasingly difficult. To make it easier though, knowledge on the manufacturer is key. With names like Turtle Beach and Razer, the competition is stiff but one able to comfortably stay in the race is Gioteck. They have released the HC-4 headset for the PS4 sporting increased comfort, lag free chat and ultra-high quality sound. Its fine advertising this but what you really need is a review to tell you whether it’s a decent buy.

Tuesday, 10th February 2015, 8:33 am
Gioteck HC-4 Gaming Headset
Gioteck HC-4 Gaming Headset

The HC-4 has a PS4 inspired colour scheme of black with a blue trim which goes hand in hand with Sony’s behemoth although the headphone plug attached means you can use these with any device as a handy pair of headphones. Each ear is shaped like a wobbly diamond which adds a mega amount of comfort as they fit snugly around the ears leaving little leg room and each speaker rotates around 200 degrees meaning they fit heads of all shapes and sizes as well as being easy to lug around with you. The headset itself is beautifully crafted with rubber and plastic. They feel a lot more expensive than their £30 price tag making them incredible value for money and should be considered for your first gaming headset (if you’re new to the game that is).

On the left speaker is four buttons, a power button, volume up and down and a mute buttons. These are for the headsets microphone and need power to work hence the inclusion of a micro USB charging cable which can be easily slotted into the front of your PS4. Battery life is fantastic. Gioteck say around 8 hours of usage from a single charge, I clocked that by an extra half hour which really impressed me. Yes is the answer to your next question, the chat is lag free with my peers hearing me the very moment I open my mouth as I scream at them for camping in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. The mic itself is flexible rubber but doesn’t hold its positioning although this never bothered me and once you’re finished using it, it can be tucked up beside the speaker.

The sound quality is fantastic. The clarity impressed although I noticed slight decrease in clarity in hefty situations consisting of big bass thumps and booms although you felt every single one. These are stereo headphones which help in multiplayer games giving you a slight advantage over players playing sound through their TV indicating left or right directional sound as pinpoint positioning can only be found in more expensive 7.1 headphones. I tested these with my Samsung Galaxy S4’s music app and yet again I was pleased with the output. The layers of sound were easily identifiable thanks to the impeccable quality and even lower quieter sounds were distinctive and easy to hear which can be said for gaming environments.

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Beautifully made making them feel more expensive than what they are.

Easy to use

Super comfortable to wear thanks to the unusually shaped speakers.

Impressive battery life


Slight decrease in audio quality during thumpier scenes involving heavy bass.

The need to charge


The Gioteck HC-4 headset is perfect for gamers on a budget. The fair price tag gives you an item which is not only impressively made but performs fantastically well. The fab battery life encourages long gaming stints and the easy set up and use means its ideal for gamers of all ages. A great buy!