Game review: Velocity Ultra

Velocity was a PlayStation Mini and with its success, it cried out for a full blown facelift, I give you Velocity Ultra developed by Futurlab is a direct remake of the PSN classic which made its way onto Sony’s devices back in May 2012. It wasn’t a bad game but with the recent revamp, Ultra blows its elder right out of the water with improved graphics and smoother gameplay and you don’t need a powerhouse to play it.

Velocity Ultra
Velocity Ultra

Velocity Ultra is at its core a top down vertical shooter, you control a ship blasting obstacles and bad guys, it’s no different to any other however your Quarp Jet can teleport. Teleporting is performed by holding a key which makes a circular target appear around your jet, moving this enables you to choose where you want to teleport to, releasing the key makes the jet zip to that location in a split second. You can literally teleport anywhere on the screen and it’s a necessity if you wish to succeed. The levels are nicely designed with increasing difficulty, luckily though, your Quarp jet isn’t affected by the walls of the levels however horizontal ones can drag you to your demise off the bottom of the screen. Velocity Ultra is quite forgiving too as the Quarp jet can take some hits before dying and even when death occurs, you only start a few inches from the section you died at, very cool. Pickups plague each level like survivors which awards points and health pickups and weapon pickups which are pretty self-explanatory, this game is mega addictive.

The biggest overhaul from Velocity to Ultra is its looks. With the choice of Multisampling Antialiasing, the graphics look super sharp and the onscreen action is chock full of colour blasts. The Quarp jet has a simple design but it looks cool thanks to its two blade like features on each side and wherever you move, it leaves a purple trail behind it which looks very smart.


Velocity Ultra

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    Velocity Ultra is everything Velocity should have been with beautiful HD graphics, overhauled story sequences, dangerously addictive gameplay and a banging soundtrack. Even if you’re not a fan of top down shooters, this is a must play for any PC gamer. Not a lot to fault here, well done Futurlab.

    Velocity Ultra

    Developer: Futurlab

    Publisher: Futurlab


    Playstation Vita

    Playstation 3

    Genre: top down shooter

    Release date: 15th May 2013

    Story – 4/5

    Gameplay – 4/5

    Graphics – 5/5

    Overall – 4/5