Christmas present hiding places revealed!

DO you struggle to hide your Christmas presents from loved ones each year?

New research from self-storage specialist Space Station shows suitcases, friend’s houses and in the back of the wardrobe are some of the most effective spots for keeping gifts under wraps.

If you plan to hunt down your Christmas presents before December 25th, take a look on top of - or in the back of - the wardrobe, as it claims the number one hiding spot in the poll, with almost half of respondents saying it’s their prime place (48%).

The survey also showed that men are triumphant over women in the quest for Christmas present secrecy, with 63% saying their gifts remain hidden until Christmas Day, compared to 55% of women.

It also appears that the younger generation have a thing or two to learn about hiding presents, with over half (60%) of 25-34 year olds claiming their gifts have been uncovered, compared to 21% of those aged over 65.

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    The survey results also reveal that Scottish residents need to be more savvy, as almost half (54%) of respondents have had their presents found, compared with only 35% of Northern England respondents who had their gifts discovered.

    Kevin Prince, General Manager at Space Station, said: “It appears the younger generation need to get a few more Christmasses under their belts to learn coveted present hiding skills from the more experienced generation of parents and grandparents.

    “Some survey respondents backed up their choice of the loft by noting it’s the fear factor that keeps presents safe, as relatives find it a little bit too spooky up there - on top of climbing the long ladder - so that could be a good hiding spot this festive season.”

    The Top Five most effective hiding spots (based on percentage of respondents whose presents weren’t found):

    At a friend’s house (65%)

    In suitcases (57%)

    In the back of the wardrobe/on top of wardrobe (56%)

    In the cupboard/on top of cupboard (53%)

    In the shed (48%)

    Where do you hide your Christmas presents? Where did your mum and dad used to hide them? Let us know ...