Preston North End boss Frankie McAvoy’s making no excuses but wants fans to be positive

Frankie McAvoy is making no excuses for PNE’s poor opening to the season but has pleaded for lines not to be crossed.

By Tom Sandells
Friday, 20th August 2021, 8:00 am

The North End coach has openly admitted that his side has deserved criticism and are willing to take that on the chin as results have not been good enough.

There has been growing frustration in the Lilywhites’ fanbase as supporters are unhappy with the way things have been going both on and off the pitch.

McAvoy has reiterated that all at the club are doing their best and would prefer criticism sent their way to be of a more constructive nature.

PNE head coach Frankie McAvoy

He told the Lancashire Post: “We’ve not done well enough and I can understand the supporters’ frustration.

“True, genuine supporters, for me, no matter what the team goes through – bad, rocky patches, things like that – have to stick with them. The players need their support.

“You’re always stronger together than apart. I understand that when things aren’t going well you deserve criticism, I’m honest and I’ll hold my hands up.

“We’ve picked up no points in three games, that’s fine to criticise.

“But when you’re giving criticism, I always think it should be constructive rather than be abusive.

“You have to find that line in the sand and not cross it.

“I know that we’re all here, and the guys behind us, the owner, Peter Ridsdale and everybody, is doing everything we can for Preston North End.

“We’re not trying to do our worst – sometimes people may think that because of how it’s gone but believe me we’re doing everything in our power to get us successful.

“Hopefully we can get out of this rocky patch and push forward but that will be better if the fans are with us and a lot harder if they’re against us.”

PNE are one of jut two sides in the league yet to pick up a point, alongside Nottingham Forest.

This time last season, they weren’t much better off, a point against eventual champions Norwich City the only thing they had in the bag.

McAvoy is one for a positive outlook and is not dwelling on those games that have come and gone.

He said: “Last year we picked up a point, we drew at Norwich, we had one point after three games.

“After five games I think we had four points – a win, a draw and three losses.

“I understand people’s frustrations, you want points on the board as quickly as possible.

“We are the same, as a group, but what you can’t do is lose focus.

“The three games have gone, there’s nothing we can do about them now, they’re in the past.”