These are the 24 things you can no longer do in Preston

As the wheels of progress keep turning, we have had to say goodbye to many favourites from shops to nightclubs.

By Gillian Parkinson
Thursday, 8th August 2019, 12:29 pm
Updated Thursday, 8th August 2019, 1:29 pm
These are the things you can no longer do in Preston
These are the things you can no longer do in Preston

Here are 24 things you can no longer do in Preston:

The Manxman shut in 1990 when Preston Council decided it wanted to redevelop the docks.
It was ripped up in 1994.

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The Sumners was bulldozed in August last year and the garrison shut in 2013.
The original baths opened in 1851 and closed in 1936. The second baths opened in 1935 and closed in 1991.
In the 40s and 50s there were at least 365 pubs in the city.
Replaced with the new market in 2018.
The controversial shared space project now means you get a fine for doing this!.
Being bulldozed at the moment to make way for a new cinema complex in the Markets Quarter
Previously known, astheHarris Art College, thenPreston Polytechnic until 1984 it became,Lancashire Polytechnic. In1992 it was granted university status and became the University of Central Lancashire.
They were demolished in 2001 because of structural problems
Sweets, CDs and kids clothes, there was something for everyone at Woolies. The retailer disappeared from the UK's high streets in January 2009.
The restaurant on Guildhall Street closed in July 2017.
Moved from PNE's Deepdale ground to Manchester in 2010
The Beatles performed at the public hall, which closed in 1972. The Guild Hall shut (hopefully temporarily) earlier this year.
A staple of the High Street for decades, BHS closed down in 2016 after going into administration.
The last time it came to Preston was 2015. Can we have it back?
They are still there, but not in use as phone boxes any more.
After many bashes, the bollard was removed earlier this year.
Closed in February 2012 afterbrother and sister owners Vivienne Croft and Peter Draperdecided not to renew the lease
An annual event every August bank holiday until 2008.
Shut this year because of major structural problems.
Closed last year.
Closed in the 80s to make way for the Fishergate Centre redevelopment.
The company went into administration in 2008. The shop on Fishergate was then a restaurant and is now a hairdressers.