This is how to get your garden ready for winter

With households across the UK forced to stay at home during the lockdown period, many discovered a new love for gardening. More time allowed people to give care and attention to vegetable patches, flower beds and allotments.

However, as the days get shorter and the temperature drops, new gardeners will be keen to protect their hard work so they can get back to gardening next spring.

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Whether it’s scrubbing down your greenhouse or trimming the perennials, here are some top tips on how to prepare your garden for the winter months

Cover flower beds

A good way of protecting soil and plans as the temperature drops is by using covers.

Hardy covers are available to buy at garden centres and provide great winter protection for a variety of soil types, meaning you will spend far less money on fertiliser products.

Use compost and mulch

Protect your plants from hard frosts and any wildlife by laying down a couple inches of compost, followed by a layer of mulch. This will also help provide essential nutrients for your plants through the colder months.

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Don’t forget your perennials

Although they might not be the centre of your attention in your garden, don’t forget to trim your perennial plants before the winter.

Because of their strength, the plants have the habit of spreading around your garden and can quickly get out of hand. To prevent this from happening, cut them back to soil level.

Remember your house plants

Although they aren’t exposed to the outdoors, house plants may require some adjusted care because of the change of season.

The change of light levels and the drop of temperature in the winter may still affect your indoor plants. Taking the time to clean any dust from leaves will help your plant take up all the available light and stay healthy throughout the winter months.

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On a mild, rainy day, it’s worth taking your houseplants outside to get a little rain wash.

If you want to go a step further, investing in a low energy LED light can help boost your certain houseplants if your home doesn’t have much natural light.

Sort out your tools

The winter also provides a perfect opportunity to sort out your tool box. Nothing’s worse than getting ready to go gardening again, and finding a bunch of rusty tools.

Give them a good clean, sharpen any of them if necessary and you'll be ready to go in the New Year.

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Clean your greenhouse

If you’re lucky enough to have a greenhouse, one way of ensuring any plants inside it stay safe over winter is giving it a good clean.

Getting rid of spores and pest eggs, scrubbing the concrete floors and replacing the soil will all help to keep the area fertile.

Because of the low light levels in winter forgetting to remove moss and algae from overlapping panes can be detrimental to your plants.