I've interviewed 10,000 people for jobs - these are my tips

Ronald Claus and his colleague Nicola Underhill are among the interrogators on Channel 4's The Job Interview
Ronald Claus and his colleague Nicola Underhill are among the interrogators on Channel 4's The Job Interview

Leading recruiter Ronald Claus has been sitting face-to-face with job applicants for years, so he knows better than most how we can avoid messing up that all-important interview

Don’t say anything negative about previous employersI have interviewed candidates in the past who criticise their current employer and tell me how much they hate their job, the culture of the company or their line manager. It is really important to come across positive during an interview. Giving this kind of negative feedback makes you look bad as a candidate and brings up the question how you as a future employee might talk about us as a company or me as your manager.

Don’t ask irrelevant questionsQuestions in regards to salary, benefits and any pre-booked holidays should not be asked at first interview stage, and only asked with caution during the latter stages of an interview. Really think about how a question can make you look. However, not asking any questions at the end of an interview can make you look uninterested in the role and the company, so making smart queries will lead you to stand out from the crowd and ensure you are remembered by the interviewer for the right reasons.

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    The worst thing you can say during an interview is ‘I don’t know’, according to our expert (Photo: Shutterstock)

    Don’t price yourself too high or lowIf you are asked what your salary expectations are, a good answer is to say you’d leave that up to the interviewer to produce a package that reflects your experience, taking into consideration what you will bring to the role and the current market rate for this kind of position. Re-iterate that although money is of some importance, it’s more important for you to join a company with a great reputation where you can grow and develop and fulfil your career aspirations.

    Don’t repeatedly say: ‘I really want this job’It’s great to be enthusiastic and show that you are really interested, but know where and when to stop. There are other ways of showing your interest.

    Don’t say: ‘I don’t know’It is important to be honest during an interview but at the same time show some resilience. If you get stuck on a question, ask for the question to be repeated or rephrased, or even ask to go back to the question at a later stage, as it will buy you time to come up with a good answer.

    Ronald Claus is talent acquisition recruitment operations manager for UK and Ireland with Hilton Hotels and Resorts and appeared on ‘The Job Interview’ on Thursday 1 March, Channel 4 - watch it again here

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