Greggs has released its steak bake recipe - here’s how to make them at home

Greggs has shared recipes for its most famous pastries - including its iconic steak bake - delighting customers during lockdown

Along with other high street businesses across the UK, Greggs was forced to close its doors last month due to government lockdown measures, which left customers unable to purchase their favourite snacks.

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Now, Greggs has released its surprisingly simple recipes and DIY tutorials for both the iconic steak bake and the chicken bake, as well as its sausage, cheese and bean melt, for customers to try at home.


These tutorials are part of a #GreggsItYourself (also referred to GIY) series on the bakery’s social media channels, which began at the start of the month (3 Apr).

This series releases new recipes every Wednesday, so if you’re missing your favorite baked treat, or want some inspiration in the kitchen during lockdown, make sure to keep your eyes peeled.

The bakery released the steak bake tutorial on its Instagram account, while encouraging vegans to get creative with the recipe to create a homemade version of its vegan friendly pastry.

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“Hands up who’s missing our Steak Bakes? Well here’s the next best thing – an easy way to #GreggsItYourself,” the post reads.

“(If you prefer a Vegan Steak Bake, just swap out the ingredients for vegan friendly options.)

“Don’t forget to share your GIY creations with us using #GreggsItYourself.”

What has been the response?

One international user responded, “my favourite thank you greggs for sharing your ingredients living here in uae now i can bake my own steak bakes”, while another added, “I miss you”.

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One grateful user responded, “Thanks greggs will try this. When are you opening again…”

While the post struck a chord with a vegan customer, “Love how you think of the vegan options too!!”

However, many comments came in the form of requests for further recipes to be shared, “I think I speak for everyone when I say that we would all love a recipe for your amazing sausage rolls”.

“Please do a cheese and onion one!!” another user begged.

How to make the Steak Bake

To make the steak bake, you’ll need:

- Finely diced beef- Beef stock- Cornflour mixed with water- Puff pastry- One egg

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Instructions for the filling mix:

- Sizzle the beef in a frying pan until browned- Pour the beef stock into the pan before adding the cornflour mix- Allow the mix to thicken to your tastes and leave to cool

Instructions for the pastry:

- Cut two pieces of pastry, into squares measuring 180mm x 94 mm to be precise- Egg wash the edges

Instructions for the steak bake:

- Spoon your filling onto one of the sheets of pastry- Place the other sheet on top- fork the edges of the sheets to lock them in place- Score the top with 6 lines- Place the uncooked pastry into the oven at 200C, or until golden brown and piping hot

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