YOUR WEDDING: Tom Coupe and Lisa Mathewson

Groom's careful wedding planning created the perfect day for couple

Friday, 30th September 2016, 4:40 pm
Updated Tuesday, 4th October 2016, 2:08 pm
Tom and Lisa Coupe

When his bride walked down the aisle to marry him, Tom Coupe said that was the best moment of his life.

Lisa Mathewson looked stunning as she graced St Ambrose Church in Leyland before heading off with her new husband for a wonderful reception at the Best Western Hotel.

The couple first met at a barbecue. They hit it off a week later when they enjoyed their first date together and spent the whole night talking.

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Tom and Lisa Coupe

“We just clicked together,” said Tom. “I don’t really believe that you can meet someone and fall in love straight away but I knew that Lisa and me was meant to be.

“Don’t ask me how but I was right we’ve been together ever since, she’s my soul mate.”

The couple were engaged in 2013 and set about organising their big day.

Tom said: “Most brides-to-be plan their weddings and the men don’t even get a say, but I ended up planning and pretty much doing it all.

Tom and Lisa Coupe

“I did get Lisa to help me a bit though, but her planning skills are sometimes not so great so I do it for her.

“But I can say this it was well worth doing I’d do it all over again for us as well.”

Lisa has always liked 
St Ambrose Church in Leyland so we went to meet the vicar Duncan Clark who was such a great guy.

“We had to attend the church for the best part of a year because neither of us came from the parish.

Tom and Lisa Coupe

“We went to the Best Western Hotel and hired it out for August 19 and they made the place look absolutely great.”

Lisa walked into church to I can’t help falling in love with You, Ellie Goulding’s How Long Will I Love You For played during the signing of the register and I’m Giving You All My Love for leaving the church.

The wedding party included seven bridesmaids, best man, an usher and two pageboys, the youngest of which gave the congregation a giggle when he dropped the rings on the floor.

Tom added: “When Lisa arrived she looked stunning I couldn’t stop smiling seeing her walking down the aisle to marry me. I’d say that there is the best moment of my life

Tom and Lisa Coupe

“The service went great the vicar Duncan did a brilliant job. Once the wedding was over and we left, Lisa and I went for photos, Lee and Louisa captured some amazing photos of us. The whole day was perfect I couldn’t have wished for a better day and the best part of it was I married Lisa.”

Lisa is originally from Leyland and works as a carer and Tom, a scaffolder is from Higher Walton.

Groom’s parents: Bob Sharron Coupe

Bride’s parents: Geoff Grime and Joyce Elder

Best man: Steven Grime

Chief bridesmaid: Danielle Ashton

Tom and Lisa Coupe

Usher:John Kirkland

Bridesmaids, pageboys and flowergirls: Debbie Wright, Courtney Matthewson,

Kerry Grime, Kimberley Grime, Lauren Coupe, Alisha Wright, Lewis Wright and Jack Coupe

Photographer: L&L Photography

Cake: Samantha Priest

Flowers: Groovey Ruby

Bride’s dress and suits: Dan Kerr

Tom and Lisa Coupe
Tom and Lisa Coupe
Tom and Lisa Coupe