Warning of thieves at '˜pic-nick' spots

Beauty spots across the UK are preparing for an influx of visitors this summer, particularly during National Picnic Week (which runs from 11th '“ 19th June).

However, daytrippers should ensure they take precautions as the summer is also an ideal time for opportunist thieves, according to insurer NFU Mutual.

Many regional police forces have issued warnings to members of the public traveling to beauty spots and the insurance company’s data shows that thefts from cars have increased by 16 per cent between 2014 and 2015.

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According to NFU Mutual, the items most commonly stolen from cars are handbags, phones, satnavs, items of clothing and bikes.

Never leave valuable items in your car – check that children haven’t left phones or other items on the back seats of the car;

If you use a portable satnav device, remove the device and its holder before leaving the vehicle – if necessary, lock it in the glove compartment or in the boot;

Remember that satnav holders often leave tell-tale marks on the windscreen. It helps to carry some window wipes in the car so you can remove these marks before you leave the car;

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It sounds silly but double check that you’ve locked the car and that all the windows and sunroof are closed;

Don’t leave cash, credit cards, chequebooks, mobile phones or other valuables in the car. Even a jacket or a plastic bag can tempt a thief. Hide any valuables in the boot of your car before you start your journey.

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