"Complete waste of time and money": Readers not impressed with latest Preston City Centre roadworks after Ringway tailbacks

The latest roadworks in Preston City Centre have been blasted by our readers after a miserable few days of traffic.

By Adam Lord
Wednesday, 9th February 2022, 11:03 am
Updated Wednesday, 9th February 2022, 11:05 am

Work began on Monday to create a new two-way cycle track on the north side of Ringway. To create room for this, the central island running the full length of Ringway has to be moved towards the south side.

The bad news for those already caught up in queues? Work is due to last until spring 2023.

Lancashire County Council do however hope congestion will ease over time as motorists get used to the diversions.

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Queues could become a familiar sight in the months to come

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"And then the powers that be wonder why the city centre is dead," Helen Borking

"How many cyclists do you really see I’ve not seen many and half of them use paths," Lindsey Crawford

"Our taxi was pulled by unmarked police last night. Everything was closed off so had to do a right turn," Catherine Sarah Greenwood

A sign that no driver wants to see...

"Glad I got off the bus at greyfriars now wow I'd have been late if I went to the bus station," Cath Baylis

"And most cyclists know what routes to take and that area lanes or not I wouldn’t use it ,there are better safer ways to cross town," Andrew Jones

"All for a cycle lane that’s not needed and a complete waste of time and money," Paul Lord

"Get the high street open !! Relieve the Ringway," Paul Balshaw

"Who makes these decisions? Funny thing is when it’s finished it won’t make anything better either," Adam Smith

"Badly planned, Preston has enough roadworks already. Is a cycle lane the priority?" Brian Goulding

"Who thinks up these utterly stupid ideas? Who is it serving? Preston to anybody outside the city centre (polytechnic) is a ‘can’t get to’ zone," John Anthony Lee

"Great. Also work starting on footpath at Riversway at end of the month. Commute to and from work is going to be fun. Absolute clowns," Samantha Bright

"Why can't this be overnight works? Should also have completed corp st works so that traffic from West could have diverted via Adelphi roundabouts," Martin Catterall

"It's like they're determined to stop anyone getting in or out of Preston," Emma Morgan Goodwin

"Absolute joke !! Taking a kid to school in ribbleton from Penwortham now takes another 20/30 mins every morning and afternoon. Then to make things worse they have closed other roads that go up towards the uni. They really are doing everything possible to attack car users in preston," Robert Walmsley

"Took 45 minutes to go from New Hall Lane to Corporation street tonight, crazy!" Richard Stirzaker

"I'm going to stay home - all roads out of cottam are either closing or down to one lane, strand Rd closes next week to get home from work I either drive upto Penwortham by pass and to docks, or round broadgate to Hartington Rd to docks. Anyone got a helicopter they can do "taxi" with. That's me staying away from Preston during half term," Julie Pugh

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