YOUR VIEW: Broughton Bypass opening

The new Broughton Bypass  has been open for almost a week now and it continues to  divide opinion amongst drivers and villagers.

Wednesday, 11th October 2017, 7:25 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 1:24 pm
Broughton village jams should be a thing of the past thanks to bypass

James Towers Way, named after a local Victoria Cross winner from the First World War, cost £32m and ended a 40-year wait for a solution to traffic congestion in one of Lancashire’s worst bottlenecks.

But the reaction has been mixed. Most residents have greeted the new road as the long-awaited answer to their prayers. Many commuters have also welcomed it for shaving valuable minutes off their morning and evening journeys.

But there have been others who believe the road has just succeeded in moving the traffic jams further down the A6.

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Here are just a selection:

Spoke to people who have already driven the bypass and they say it’s been great. No delays at all. Some people are just against progress. - Stuart Taylor

The bypass has made a huge difference. Normally a 30-minute drive to school, or more depending on how heavy traffic is, took six minutes this morning from Lightffot Lane to Barton. For now I’m happy it’s made the school run 1,000 times better. - Lynn Michelle Millward

They have turned an irritating delay in Broughton Village into a farcical pantomime. - Cath Rowe

No queues at 8am this morning, north or southbound. - Helen Baldwin

Not made a blind bit of difference. - Gary Robinson

Give it a couple of years and they will need a bypass around the bypass after all the houses go up. - Jimmy Kay

It’s a dual carriageway, yet it’s a 40 mph speed limit fgs. - Jimmy Watt

It looks better in the daylight, Very dark drive tonight. Hopefully it will make Broughton less congested. - Maria Peel

Just wait until they start building houses off the road - next week! - Jeff Price

Hopefully they will turn the lights on at night. It was fairly dark on the road last night at half eight. It’s a bit hard to distinguish the central reservation without lights. - Gemma Louise Hill

We will see how good it is when all the houses they are building are full and more cars are then using it. - Karen Tett

Excellent. No more crawling to the crossroads on my way to and from work, with any luck. - Catherine Gilder

Hope it lives up to expectations. - Elaine Edge

Glad it’s opened, but it should have been dual carriageway throughout the length. - Claydon King

Single carriageway is acceptable. The problem on their route has been the Broughton crossroads. - John O’Donnell