'I'm scared' - Tragic Blackpool mum's boyfriend fears death crash charges

The boyfriend of a six months pregnant woman killed in a scooter crash in Thailand said he fears being charged by police.

Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 9:44 am
Updated Wednesday, 10th May 2017, 5:22 pm

WARNING: The below video has strong language and contains a graphic description of yesterday's fatal accident. Viewer discretion is advised.

Danny Glass, 29, from Margate in Kent, was driving the white Honda 125i when it collided with an 18-wheeled lorry in Phuket at around 12.10pm local time, or 6.10am back home, yesterday.

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Danny (left) and Sophie before the accident (Pic: Sophie Emma Rose/Facebook)

The lorry driver handed himself in to police after initially leaving the scene, The Phuket News reported.

Writing on Facebook, Mr Glass said: "Apparently I have to be charged, or the truck driver, for Sophie's death. I'm scared."

Sophie was originally from Blackpool but had moved to Thailand with her five-year-old son Shaye.

Sophie was from Blackpool but moved to Thailand with her young son (Pic: Sophie Emma Rose/Facebook)

Her own YouTube channel had amassed millions of views, and Mr Glass posted a nine-minute clip to the video sharing site after yesterday morning's accident, which happened on a busy dual carriageway outside a 7-Eleven store.

He said: "There's loads of newspaper reports and people saying I went to overtake a parked car, which is complete misinformation.

"I went to brake because a car broke in front of me. The bike has wobbled. I tried to stabilise it but I haven't been able to because it was two people on a scooter.

"The bike slid to the right side and I went into fight or flight mode. I said, 'Quick, just get up, we need to get out the road because we're going to get run over.'"

Sophie was killed on the paradise island of Phuket

Mr Glass went on to describe in graphic detail how he turned around to see Sophie, who he described as the 'most precious person I had ever connected with', lying dead on the ground with horrific injuries.

"All I keep seeing is that image going through my head over and over. It just won't stop," he added.

"I miss her so much. It's like it's a dream. Somebody wake me up from this nightmare. I can't believe it's even happening.

"She is meant to be having my baby in three months. She is my twin flame. The person that understood me the most."

Shaye, who has been told of his mum's accident, is now being cared for by his dad, who travelled to Phuket from Bangkok to collect him, he added.

Lt Col Sanit Nookong, from Thalang Police, said: “The truck driver told police he heard the sound of the collision but had not managed to stop the vehicle until 2km later, claiming there was no spot for parking.

"He then came to the police station to report himself and gave testimony about the accident.

"We haven't pressed any charges at this point but we've questioned both the driver and the motorcycle driver.

"From the CCTV footage, the motorcycle driver applied the brake quite abruptly and lost control of the vehicle.

"We have to determine how much experience he had in operating the motorbike but it looked like he was inexperienced."

Danny (left) and Sophie before the accident (Pic: Sophie Emma Rose/Facebook)

One eyewitness told The Gazette: “I just saw the end of what happened.

“A woman had been knocked off by a lorry and her boyfriend was really upset.

“They just took her away. I asked around and they said she was from Blackpool.”

Friends last night paid tribute to Sophie on social media, including Susan Ure Reid, who posted on Facebook to say she was ‘hugely shocked’ by the news.

She wrote: “I so adore your enquiring heart and soul, your passionate love of your beautiful son and am so beyond sorry you will not be growing forward together with each other.”

Louise Koch added: “You will be greatly missed and I send you all my love.”

Last year, the Southeast Asian country’s government promised to try and improve safety for visitors.

It was revealed 83 foreign travellers died in Thailand in 2015, a 54 per cent increase from the year before. Another 166 were injured.

Road accidents were blamed for the majority of deaths, with 34 people killed in crashes, while swimming and boating accidents claimed nine lives.

The Foreign Office said: "We are providing support to a British man who was injured in a road traffic accident in Thalang, Thailand, and are in contact with the local police."

Sophie was from Blackpool but moved to Thailand with her young son (Pic: Sophie Emma Rose/Facebook)
Sophie was killed on the paradise island of Phuket