Less than 40 per cent turnout in this year's Chorley Council election

It has been confirmed that the turnout figure in this year's local council elections was 37.3 per cent

By James Holt
Friday, 7th May 2021, 4:42 pm

People took to the polls yesterday across Chorley to vote for up to three councillors to represent their ward.

And with a change to the boundaries, the public voted for a raft of new councillors who could be brought in to play, with every seat up for grabs.

The Post and Chorley Guardian has just received confirmation that voter turnout this year was a 37.3 per cent.

Less than 40 percent of eligible voters in Chorley voted on May 6

So far, it has been announced that the council will hold its Labour majority, with 25 confirmed seats taken so far of a possible 42 - SEE OUR LIVE BLOG HERE.

There were a total of 122 candidates in the running in this year’s Chorley Borough Council election - with a total of 42 councillors to be elected across the 14 newly established wards.

The authority has been Labour-controlled since 2012. At the last poll in 2019, the party secured 37 seats, with the Conservatives taking the remaining 10.

The vote turnout was similar to that in previous years