‘Cuts should be for all or none’ - South Ribble Council reduces tax from low income households

The lowest income households in South Ribble will no longer have to pay a minimum council tax contribution.

By Colin Ainscough
Monday, 3rd February 2020, 8:17 am
Updated Monday, 3rd February 2020, 8:18 am

Currently, at least £3.50 per week is deducted from the incomes of certain benefit claimants in the district – but South Ribble Borough Council has now voted to scrap the charge.

Cabinet member Aniela Bylinski-Gelder said the change would mean “those who can least afford it will no longer need to divert resources away from their families”.

However, the move sparked a row between the ruling Labour group and opposition Conservatives about whether it was the best way of helping the poorest.

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Council leader Paul Foster spoke in support of the move

The change will reduce the budget not only of South Ribble Council.

Readers had their say:

"You have to cut for everyone or nobody. Can’t have people paying different prices for the same service. It wouldn’t be acceptable anywhere else."

Rio Fox

"People who get benefits get enough help with stuff ... surely it should be cut for all or NO ONE ... this country is to expensive as it is."

Lynne Baker

"Hopefully it helps them on universal credit."

Emma Walker

"The main problem with all this is that its usually based on gross income when it should be net income after tax and NI. The problem with that is a lot of people also have more outgoings. I’m talking basics here rent/mortgage utility bill’s food transport to work etc so in the end a person could be earning a lot but be worse off than someone on a lower gross income."

Pauline Thomas

"The council tax has effectively increased by £25.00 a year with us now having to pay for the brown bin being emptied. That’s on top of the increase we are getting this year. We should all pay the same definitely not right."

Margaret Wyatt

"You are very right, I cannot find work but I’m not entitled to any benefits as my husband works full time, but his income pays for all the bills and doesn’t allow for savings for emergencies, or essentials."

Marie Dixon

"Who will pay the short fall not the commercial tax not the universal credit. Got it the people that work hard and have to stretch money for miles."

Patricia Sharkey

"Wish they would do this in Pendle Borough."

Becky Venn

"Let’s see a working persons union, let’s see the council’s response when the working class go on strike!!!"

Dwayne Cuming

"Why am I not surprised that people are ranting because those that need help are getting a little bit more in their pocket."

Lee Holding

"If they are low income, surely they get help paying it anyway. So all you are doing is helping benefits office, not them."

Dorothy Norcross

"People having to use food banks etc yet you have people on here seriously fuming over them not paying £3.50."

Mark Fenerty