Conservative election signs ripped up and graffitied in incidents across the South Ribble constituency

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Politics has turned sour in South Ribble for the second time in less than one week after more attacks on political signs were reported.

Conservative Party placards have been targeted across the constituency south of the River Ribble this Monday, with the majority of damage taking place off the A59 through Hutton, Banks, and Much Hoole, as well as in the more southern village of Mawdesley.

Vandalised Conservative Party signage (Images: submitted)

Vandalised Conservative Party signage (Images: submitted)

Penwortham resident Andrew Pratt, who is an active campaigner for South Ribble Tory candidate Katherine Fletcher, said: “They’ve not exactly all been blown off in the wind. Some will get blown away because they flap around in the wind but when you wind them ripped in half you know its about more than just that.

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Andrew, a member of the Preston Conservative Association, said the matter has not officially been reported to the police, but has let officers know of the situation “more for their information that people are up to mischief”.

Three Conservative Party signs placed were placed opposite Howick CE Primary School near Hutton, but two have been reported as disappearing with just the pole and a segment of one remaining.

A ripped up Conservative Party signage (Image: submitted)

A ripped up Conservative Party signage (Image: submitted)

This week’s incidents are not the first, with Andrew revealing that he has found vandalism on four separate occasions with 20 signs targeted.

And it comes just days after the South Ribble Labour Party reported that 40 of its own signs were damaged or stolen from 20 sites in the Western parishes of the constituency.

He said: “I started putting some up on the November 27 and a day later some were damaged.

"On December 2 there was some more damaged that we had to replaced.

A vandalised Conservative Party sign (Image: submitted)

A vandalised Conservative Party sign (Image: submitted)

“It’s not good for democracy.

"We want people to discuss and argue about politics; this is not acceptable.”