Boris Johnson, new homes and the state of roads - What is influencing voters in Preston and Chorley as they head to polls in local elections today

Lancashire heads to the polling stations today as the local elections get underway.

By Catherine Musgrove
Thursday, 5th May 2022, 12:48 pm
Updated Thursday, 5th May 2022, 1:30 pm

Voters in Preston and Chorley can make their mark to select their local councillors for the next four years.

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In Preston, there are contests in all of the city council’s 16 wards, and in Chorley, voting is taking place in all 14 wards.

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Couple Jo Wiseman and Malcolm Higham in Tanterton

In South Ribble, only the Earnshaw Bridge ward is in action with a by-election being held.

Across the country, the results will be seen as an indication of how the country feels about Boris Johnson’s Conservative government.

What are people saying?

David Chadwick voted for the Liberal Democrats at Our Lady and St Edward’s Parish Centre in Fulwood.

David Chadwick in Fulwood

He said his decision was affected by the behaviour of Boris Johnson and those in power around him.

He said: “What Boris and his team do does usually affect how people vote and it will certainly do this time, maybe even more than local issues.”

One woman at the same polling station, who asked not to be named, said: "The man (Boris Johnson) is a disgrace. I would vote for anyone who would get him out”.

Edward Mozer, 77, was of the same opinion. He said: “I’ve voted Lib Dem because I want a change. The best thing for the Lib Dems is having Boris Johnson as Prime Minister. The man’s a joke and at the next General Election there’s going to be a massive swing.”

Edward Mozer voted in Fulwood

Sandra Crane and Joan Duckett said their votes were influenced by local issues.

Sandra said: “It’s parking issues for us, especially around the hospital as well as pot holes.”

John and Beverley Godfrey were also voting based on local issues. John said: “What’s bothering me is the amount of new houses being built and the lack of infrastructure, such as surgeries, schools and roads.”

Another Fulwood couple, who asked not to be named, said: “We usually vote on local issues, but this time it’s different. We want to make a point to Boris Johnson that we’re not happy with what he’s doing.”

Our Lady and St Edward's Parish Centre, Fulwood

Samina Noyon from Fulwood said she wanted to see change.

She said: “I have lost trust in Government, but I’m not sure that by trying to get Boris out we’ll end up with anything better.

"Locally the issues important to me are that there’s less police and I don’t feel like my children are as safe as I was as a teenager, and the state of the roads.”

In Tanterton, Chris Capell and his Jack Russell Titch attended the polling station at Tanterton Village Centre.

Chris, 75, voted Lib Dem. He said: “I want to get rid of Boris and send a message to Number 10.”

Ken Dickinson, 69. said: “I’m voting on local things. I used to drive around for work and see green fields and trees, and now it’s just houses. I want to know who has allowed it and who is getting money for it.”

John and Beverley Godfrey

Jo Wiseman and Malcolm Higham have lived in the Ingol area for 30 years, and have voted based on concerns about problems in the area.

Jo said: “We’ve really concentrated on local issues in making our decision, as this is a local election and it’s important to remember to keep local and national politics separate.”

Chris Capell and his dog Titch in Tanterton
Ken Dickinson in Tanterton