WATCH: Heartbreaking alternative John Lewis Christmas advert 2021 starring Lancaster man has viewers in tears

The annual release of Christmas adverts is one of the highlights of the festive season.

By Faiza Afzaal
Friday, 26th November 2021, 1:26 pm

However, one touching alternative ad/song entitled "I wanna grow old with you" made by YouTuber Sam Clegg is sending thousands of viewers into floods of tears.

The fundraising alternative ad, which features Sam's dad - John Robert Clegg, who was born and brought up in Lancaster, has garnered a positive response among social media users since it was released earlier this month. Many people have praised Sam's talents and have said the tear-jerker is better than the original John Lewis seasonal advert!

It tells the beautiful story of two young lovers - enjoying themselves in the park, at a beach, having a snowball fight and the years of wisdom they showcase as they grow old together and how they keep their love strong over the years. The song shows the importance of companionship throughout the years and the joys and challenges it can bring from a romantic proposal to the couple's twilight years.

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The touching Christmas song and advert aims to show the importance of companionship throughout the years

Focused on the issue of social isolation among the elderly, Sam (23), who lives in Keighley, Yorkshire, said the emotional song/advert took a few days to shoot and cost only £100 to produce.

He explained: "The actors were my parents who were kind enough to act for free. My dad was born in Lancaster and spent the first half of his life there. I also have lots of family members who still live in Lancaster and Morecambe."

The reason behind creating the ad, which was released on YouTube at the beginning of the month and has racked up almost £140,000 views, was because Sam wanted to raise much-needed funds for charity – and all proceeds will be going towards helping the elderly over Christmas.

He commented: "This year has been particularly challenging for a lot of people, as yet again we were isolated from one another. I know first hand how loneliness feels, and I would imagine it would be even more difficult to face loneliness being an older person. My song and video this year aims to show companionship throughout the years and the various joys and challenges it can bring."

Talented YouTuber Sam Clegg created, directed and produced the festive ad

Sam added: "I am a creative person who likes to create original music and short films in my free time. I like being able to turn my hobby into something which can benefit other people’s lives. Therefore, I am fundraising for two charities 'Friends of the Elderly' and 'Re-engage'.

Talented Sam is no stranger to releasing charity singles in aid of good causes. Last year his viral hit single, "Don't let me go" raised thousands for charities working to combat loneliness.

The response to his 2021 video has been overwhelmingly positive. One viewer said: "In my opinion this is more heartfelt and emotional than the actual John Lewis advert this year. Well done." While another said: "The true meaning of Christmas.... you officially broke me, but also reminded me what matters."

Sam said lots of people have shown support by purchasing the charity single. "I hope the charity donations will make a positive impact on the elderly who are dealing with loneliness," he concluded.

Anyone wishing to purchase the "I wanna grow old with you" charity single can do by clicking onto Amazon or iTunes