Speedo Mick's chilly walk through Preston

Fundraising legend Speedo Mick included Preston on his latest charity fundraising tour.

The veteran walker, best known for his minimal attire and toughing out the chilliest of weather, walked through the city as part of his latest charity endeavour.

He has been walking across the UK and Ireland on a 2,000 mile plus Giving Back Tour.

Speedo Mick, who as our photos show, favours wearing just speedos, socks and walking boots and a hat, was en route to raising thousands of pounds for his SpeedoMick Foundation.

Speedo Mick celebrates his arrival in Preston Photo: Neil Cross

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On the Foundation website Mick, full name Michael Cullen, explains how his endurance walks have enabled him to give something back to the community and repay the help he was given when he hit difficult times.

He said: " Today I am part of something that has given me back my self-respect, my confidence, my humility and my sense of belonging back to me.The Speedo Mick Foundation is a registered charity giving back to the community that is in need of help and support and today myself and our team are capable of offering this support."

His statement continued: "It has not always been this way for me. For a long time, I was in need of that very same help and support that I am now offering to others. I have been the homeless person you see in the shop doorway, the addict, the alcoholic, the hopeless case that had made so many bad decisions that there was surely no way back.

On the road again - Speedo Mick sets off on the next part of his fundraising walk

"I could not see any way out. I had become isolated from society and left to my own devices I made things much worse. I was no longer a part of my family and I had nothing to contribute to my community. I made these terrible decisions in my life in order to block out the pain I was feeling inside and as a result I took no responsibility and I blamed everybody else for the position I found myself in. I was so entrenched in my self-destructive behaviour patterns that I had lost sight of the compassionate loving caring person I always hoped I’d be."

Mick has overcome depression and addiction and found new purpose in his life. He walks with flags which carry motivational words including "Just Keep Stomping", "Everything's Groovy" and the words Inspire, Believe, Courage, Hope, Tenacity, Gratitude and Kindness. To read more about The Speedo Mick Foundation see here .

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Speedo Mick can't be missed on his fundraising walk